Saturday, October 5, 2013

threesixfive, week 40

i dont have enough pictures this week. :-/ ive been struggling with finding interesting things to take pictures of. i mean, im home with my kids all day know.
anyway, heres what i did get.

molly started this science experiment a few weeks ago, where plant A has received sunlight and plant B has received no sunlight; everything else (water) has been the same. its been interesting to see the results. plant A has grown 3 new leaves, and plant B has not only not grown anyhting new, but is starting to turn yellow and is getting holes in the leaves.

we went to watch one of the youth group girls play volleyball.

i won this bible from the blog Leading and Loving It. its jud wilhites new translation. im looking forward to digging into it a little and seeing what he's done. sorry the picture is sideways.

since the kids have been enjoying playing Clue so much, and are able to play games that are more than 'draw a card and move to that color', we went to target after co-op on friday and bought LIFE. we've played it probably 7 times since yesterday afternoon. they love it. and i love that candyland is no longer in our game closet. :-)

today was the 'Chalk Walk'; an event on our city where 2 blocks of our downtown area are blocked off for artists to create chalk drawings on the street. there are vendors and entertainers, and the drawings are voted on and the winners announced at the end of the day. these are a couple of my favorites. i'm hoping to maybe drive by tomorrow morning on the way to church and see them all finished before they get worn away.

our october continues to be crazy with going to see students play games, allen and i each leading a small group of high schoolers (mine on sunday night, his on monday night) and other various events.
i'll try to take more pictures this week!!!

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The Bug said...

That is interesting about the plant - I guess sunshine really IS important :)

LOVE the chalk drawings - people are so talented!

Kimberly Hoyt said...

The Chalk Walk is a really cool event! I think that would be a fun neighborhood activity too, as part of a block party or something... give the kids chalk and see what they come up with :)

I think we all struggle to find "new" things to take a photo of after doing it for several years. I find it a challenge to come up with something different when life is routine. But this year I've started looking at P365 more as a photo journal for us, and I'm okay with some duplicates :)

Have y'all tried Settlers of Catan? Our kids LOVED it. I know what you mean about Candyland :)

rita said...

Very interesting observation about sun light. Could almost draw a spiritual application about Sonlight and holes in our lives. Curious about that new Bible version.
Love the chalk walk idea.
Our grandkids have played LIFE a lot.

Have a marvellous Momma-week!