Saturday, February 26, 2011

threesixfive, day 49 thru 55

can you believe its about to be march??? it hit me the other day how fast this year is going by. i hear that happens once you have kids, though...and start getting i'll be 30 in 2 months. eek!!
our week was pretty mundane. nice considering how busy we've been, which i suppose directly relates to the year passing so quickly.
heres the week!

day 49
we went to zach and aprils house for an extreme home makeover watching party. zach, whos a fantastic photographer, was asked to be the photographer on set for the episode that aired sunday night (it was filmed in kileen, about 40 minutes north of us). pretty cool to see all the pictures he took on t.v., hanging in the new house! the picture here is zach, seeing his photographs on t.v.

day 50
i've been meaning to take a picture of this, but i guess have had plenty of other things to take pictures of instead (not complaining!!). this is my very first digital scrapbook. i used, and am very pleased with the results. i probably wont ever go back to doing it all by hand.

day 51
i made.....wait for it......bacon jalepeno mac n cheese for dinner. oh. my. goodness. i almost didnt post this picture, because it doesnt even begin to do it justice. i will soooo be making this again, but next time i'll amp it up and use more bacon and jalepenos. heres the recipe if youre interested.

day 52
wednesday colby and i went to the childrens hospital to visit allen second cousin who was there recovering from a torn spleen (ouch!!) and a little friend of colbys who has sickle cell anemia, and some other stuff going on. the courtyard there is so cool, i took colbys school books and we did school there. he wanted to pose for a picture. who am i to say no? :-) even when he wears socks with his crocs hes a cutie.

day 53
we went to chick-fil-a for lunch and happened to catch the cow walking around.

day 54
i had to run to the grocery store to grab a few things for dinner, and molly and colby both found this little mirror at the checkout fascinating.

day 55
we spent the morning at a birthday party. molly was standing in line to hit the pinata, and you can bet she did it with that purse on!

have a great week!! allen is taking a sabbatical for the month of march, so we'll hopefully have some fun adventures over the next few weeks.


The Cyber Hermit said...

I have swiped your mac and cheese recipe. I do a buffalo chicken mac and cheese but I am always on the hunt for new variations.

The checkout pictures with the mirror are perfect. I love the way kids always check out new things they see, and go Molly! Whack that pinata and look fierce while you do it!

Lisa said...

Well, depending on how much the purse weighs, it could be used to her advantage when swinging. :)

Your scrapbook looks great! Hard to NOT do it all digital these days.

LuAnn said...

The mac and cheese - yum !!!! I will have to try it. And love that your family can have summer clothes on. Waiting for our snow to melt.

Mimi said...

I wished I like jalepenos, that mac & cheese sound amazing & I love your daughter with her purse.

Hugs & love,

Rebecca Jo said...

Mac & Cheese in ANY form makes me happy :)

Those pictures of the kiddos in the mirror are awesome! Those faces... too cute!

sara said...

one of my son's would have completely come unglued if that cow had come up to him at that age!!!

So hilarious that she whacked that pinata with the purse on!!!!

McCrakensx4 said...

loving that she had her purse on her arm to hit the pinata..that is awesome! was the mac and chz spicy?? i am all about mac and cz with bacon but don't really do spicy. love the mirror pictures...too cute! we have a really nice children's hospital here in PHX as well...we have spent some time there as my youngest was diagnosed with epilepsy last year.

RaD said...

I've thought about digital scrapbooking, but have never really gave it a try. I might just have to pop over to that website.

So cute that she had to have her purse on while hitting the pinata.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

your kids are too cute. I love the checkout mirror pictures.

Tiffany said...

Woohoo! Another Princess Bride fan! Love it! And I love the pic of your little girl with her purse on - of course you have to accessorize at a fiesta!

The Bug said...

So, if you're about to turn 30 then that means I could have been your mother! Well, it would have been a scandal - I would have been 17 & I wasn't even dating anyone then :)

I love Molly's hair! This is the first picture I remember really being able to see it. It's how I often try to get mine cut, but for some reason I have no success.

rita said...

Molly is so cute, even distorted ;)!
Never heard of mixbook, may have to try it.
And I think I will go back and get that mac recipe!