Monday, February 7, 2011

threesixfive, days 30 thru 36

it was a very cold week. molly was still recovering from pneumonia. i sent her to school monday, but ended up keeping her home wednesday because she just wasnt quite well enough to participate in recess and p.e.
they have an hour of recess!! thats nuts! after that and p.e. and lunch, i figured she was only getting a solid hour of 'school' anyway, and it wasnt worth it to make her have to sit out half of her day there.
it was freakishly cold all week. monday was actually ok, but something blew in monday night and it was in the 30's (and lower at night) until saturday. it even snowed overnight thursday!! we never have snow, so the 2 inches we woke up to friday morning were unbelievable. saturday it was back up to 75 degrees. typical central texas weather. i heard someone say that they loving living in texas because they get to wear their whole wardrobe all year long. so true.
disciple now weekend was incredible. my kids are in houston till tomorrow so we can recuperate. we had approx 160 students this year, and i was so blessed to be a part of the band that led worship. the theme was FANAt>iC. the message in the middle of the word is 'the cross is greater than i'. the kids really grabbed it and some hearts were changed. so cool to see God at work in the lives of students.
on with the week.....

sunday, day 30
heres the theme i was telling you about. this sign was put up in the worship center, and it was also on the tshirts for the weekend.

monday, day 31
the band, Seven Day Shout, had rehearsal monday night. i had to stop and get a hot tea beforehand. this is my favorite!

tuesday, day 32
i got out and ran a couple errands with the kids. molly fell asleep on the way home, a sure sign she wasnt feeling completely well yet. i just put her on the couch and left her to it.

wednesday, day 33
DNOW kickoff in the worship center. the students are broken into groups, so when they arrive they had to find their name on a cross and that would put them with their group for the weekend.

thursday, day 34
colby helped me make dinner.

friday, day 35
snow day!!! they loved it for about ten minutes, then decided they were too cold and wanted to go back inside.

saturday, day 36
in one of the small group sessions this weekend, the kids were given the opportunity to eat bugs (chocolate covered larva and crickets) in true john the baptist form; they studied his life and used him as the example of what a fanatic for Christ looks like. at the worship service saturday night, allen called a few kids up for a bug eating speed challenge (who could eat a whole box the fastest). the girl in the tye-dye shirt won, and her house got an ice cream party that night. the other girl got really close. the guy went outside and threw up.
have a great week! hopefully we'll all stay warm!!!


The Bug said...

I'm glad Molly is feeling better! Love the picture of Colby concentrating so hard.

When I was in Zambia a million years ago one of the other temporary missionaries there decided that it would be great fun to fry up some grasshoppers. I ate one of them - it reminded me of okra the way my mom always cooked it - burnt LOL.

Dawn said...

LOL... that's MY girl! Larry and I said that her bug eating skills will either impress the guys OR keep them away. B really cheered her on but then also gave her a hard time about it - last Thursday evening we were having a Mexican dinner out and B ordered barbacoa (cow cheek) and tried to convince Kat to try it but she wouldn't. So she'll eat bugs but not cow cheek! Ha!

Enjoyed your music ministry this past weekend - especially loved hearing you really belt! it! out! Thank you so much for the love you and Allen have for our kids. We love YOU for it!

Mimi said...

It looks like a great week, your blog is very inspiring.

How funny that they ate the bugs!


The Cyber Hermit's Project 365 said...

I love your pics this week. The fanat>ic week looks like a great time and I love the bug thing :). The pic of Colby concentrating cracked me up!

H-Mama said...

being sick is no fun. poor baby girl. eating bugs? well, i guess they say the average american eats about a pound of them each year without knowing. {processed in our food. yum, no?} ;)

Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

Oh, my word, that made me laugh about the bug eating contest & the guy throwing up! Great pics - looks like a great week!

He & Me + 3 said...

Your church looks so great. That was a sweet sleeping picture and it is always nice to have a helper with making dinner.