Saturday, February 12, 2011

threesixfive, days 37 thru 41

i hope everyone had a great week!! ours was pretty low-key, so i'll get right to it.

sunday, day 37
this is a group picture from DNOW (the youth event at church last weekend).

monday, day 38
i didnt have to pick up the kids from my inlaws till tuesday, so monday night allen and i went out for a nice dinner. i had wolfed mine down before i even thought about taking a picture, but allen wasnt done with his yet. it doesnt look very appetizing here, but it was. he had pork tenderloin with a rasberry reduction and mashed potatoes. we will definitely be going back to that restaraunt.

tuesday, day 39
went to get the kids. colby learned about deciduous and evergreen trees a couple weeks ago, and i was able to point out a very clear difference to him while we were driving home.

wednesday, day 40
when i pick molly up from preschool (at our church), we always go upstairs to say hi to daddy and papaw (my husband is the youth pastor, and my dad is the worship pastor, for those that dont know). colby saw this odd fabric christmas tree in the childrens pastors office, and thought it was really cool, so pastor tom told him he could have it. thanks....a lot.

thursday, day 39
i noticed tuesday that there was some water pooling in our garage, but couldnt tell where it was coming from. our friend brandon came over thursday to take a look around. turns out our water heater went out, so he and allen spent all day installing a new one. the bad; we had to buy a new water heater. the good; brandon knows how to install them so we didnt have to pay for someone to do it. and we caught it just in time, if we had waited another day, it would have flooded our garage and probably mollys bedroom.

friday, day 40
we actually had a very busy day (a movie and lunch with friends, handing out homeless bags), but i didnt get pictures of any of it. molly has been suddenly obsessed with her color wonder book this week, so we spend quite a bit of time each day coloring together.

saturday, day 41
allen and i were given tickets to the UT vs Baylor game. we've been to several, but always on a weeknight and always a team from out of state. going on a saturday was awesome! it was packed and the game was close, so that made it pretty exciting.

our temperatures have been slowly climbing and tomorrow its supposed to be back up in the 70's hopefully we're done with the cold weather. it was nice for a couple weeks, but i'm a wimp.
stay warm my north-dwelling friends!!


The Cyber Hermit said...

LOL! I spent several minutes cracking up at the fabric Christmas tree and at the expression on his face.

And coloring is a great activity, isn't it?

sara said...

that tree looks like a great white elephant gift if you ask me...of course, you would have to pry it from your son! ha!

I did not know that your dad was on staff at your church too!!


Ummmm....the tenderloin with the raspberry reduction sauce looked yummy to me. We had snow Weds night but it was gone by late Thursday. We made it into the 60's yesterday. I even refused to wear a coat and put on flip flops around the house....prepping for the 70's. I enjoyed all your pictures this week....even the Christmas tree....I wish I could find that pattern....I think I would make one.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

that Christmas picture was just too funny. your daughter did a fantastic job on that coloring page

Tiffany said...

So glad you caught the water heater in time b/c majory damage. I like the Christmas tree, too;) hehehe....

The Bug said...

You can save the tree so he can take it to his first marital home :)

I agree - that meal looks pretty tasty to me!

Mimi said...

I'm in Michigan & we're supposed to get to the 50's by Friday, so I'm THRILLED! I know we'll get lots more snow, but the little breaks in between are awesome.

Love the fabric tree hat!

Have a great week,

He & Me + 3 said...

Back up into the 70's. ugh I can't remember when we have been above freezing. That food sounds amazing and I thought it looked like dessert. :)

Lisa said...

How nice to have your dad and husband working so close together. I love when the kids get little trinkets from my house is not full of enough of your son looks thrilled so it would be hard not to be happy for him...hehehe
I can't wait....45 degrees for us on Friday...heat wave.

RaD said...

We had the hot water heater go out about six months ago and did not catch it on time. So glad that you did as it was not pretty.

Have fun with the "new" Christmas tree!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I actually made a fabric Christmas tree like that once!

Great week, glad you got the water heater fixed before it made a big mess!

Have a great week!

Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

Oh, my word, I laughed out loud about the Christmas tree fabric thing when you said, "thanks a lot." HAHA!!! Great week!

rita said...

Food mouth-watering. (Is it lunch time yet?)
Good week.

Amy said...

Love that tree...he was just looking for someone to give it too!! It looks like a very busy and eventful week.