Sunday, February 20, 2011

threesixfive, day 42 thru 48

this week was SO much nicer weather wise. we had some cloud cover and a little drizzle friday and saturday, but it was warm, and thats the main thing. although i realized that molly has literally no clothes to wear on the warmish days. she has some sleeveless dresses she 'inherited' from another little girl, but i guess i forgot that she had grown out of all her shorts last year, so we had to make a trip to kohls yesterday to pick up a few things. i'll be making a trip to the consignment store for her this week i'm sure. 2 pairs of shorts and a few short sleeve shirts does not a spring wardrobe make.
heres our week....

sunday, day 42
we got to go hiking today!! the weather was perfect for it! allen couldnt go; he had a meeting at church. my friend heather and her boys, jaxon and cannon, came along and kept us company.

monday, day 43
happy valentines day! allen and i dont really make a deal out of it. sometimes we'll use it as an excuse to go shopping or out for a nice dinner, but it varies year to year. this year we went on a family date. we had papa murphy's heart shaped pizza, then went to a chocolate festival at a market down in austin. the festival was a bust, becuase, well, there was no festival. i had read online that each department would have some kind of chocolate to sample, 'come experience chocolate from around the world!' we got there and had walked through 3 departments and seen nothing, so i stopped at the hot tea counter and said
me: excuse me, the chocolate festival......
tea lady: (shakes head as i'm asking)
me: no?
tea lady: well, yeah. but its over tomorrow.
me: (wanting to say something smart-alec, like, 'well, its not tomrrow yet') ....ok, so there isnt anything?
tea lady: not really. we were supposed to have a few vendors here, but they didnt show up. i think it was mostly during the day.
me: ok. thanks.
so we walked around, and did end up finding a display of choclate from white chocolate with coconut to dark chocolate with cherry bits mixed in. we each picked a treat (or two). i got a salt and cracked pepper dark chocolate car. SO good! allen got a chocolate bar with bacon in it. oddly gross. i thought i would like it. false. and we got my dad (who loves spicy anything) a bar with peanuts and jalepenos in it. the kids each picked a few little pieces as well.

tuesday, day 44
colby picked this hot cocoa mix out at the chocolate festival monday night. i've had several mugs of it this week while allen and i sit and watch our recorded shows after the kids have gone to bed. yummy!

wednesday, day 45
when i put molly in the shower this evening, these fell out of her underwear!! she had somehow accumulated them on the playground. i know they can get in your shoes, and maybe pockets, but underwear? good gracious.

thursday, day 46
allens day off. we went to chick fil a for lunch, and the kids traded their kids meal 'toy' in for an ice cream cone.

friday, day 47
my dad is one of the chaplains for the police department, and i've been asking him to come by when hes on a ride out so the kids can see the police car up close. they caught us just as we were heading out to grab some dinner. the kids thought that was 'so cool'!

saturday, day 48
major spring cleaning today. this is my spotless kitchen. i hadnt even put the chairs back at the table yet. i wonder how long until its dirty again.....

have a blessed week!!


RaD said...

Love when the weather is finally nice enough to get out and do something.

How did she not notice the rocks in her panties? Kids...

Kim said...

If your kitchen stays spotless longer than an hour, you're doing better than me :) Actually, mine could use a good cleaning right now!

So many great photos this week! Especially loved the kids and their ice cream cones :)

Mimi said...

My kitchen hasn't looked like that in ages. I'm bummed that bacon & chocolate doesn't work well together.


LuAnn said...

The rocks in her panties - ouch....
The hot chocolate looks like a great pic too.
I will get you that recipe for the cake in the slow cooker too.

sara said...

our weather has been great too!

oh my word, she could not have been comfortable with all those rocks in her underwear!!!

The Cyber Hermit said...

The kids look so cute with their ice cream cones :).

And chocolate and salt is an *awesome* combo. I think Ghiradelli (sp?) makes a choc/sea salt bar that is really yummy and Lindt makes a choc/chili bar. Can you tell I spend way too much time in the specialty candy aisle?

Have a great week!

McCrakensx4 said...

bummer about the choc festival but fun that you were able to try some different choc combos!! since moving into our new house I have been so much better at keeping the house cleaner and better picked up!!lol and my kids always pick the ice cream over the toy too...which I am ok with (don't like those toys although chick fila does have better toys than most!)

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Who doesn't love a clean kitchen...but then it doesn't stay clean for long dose it!

I don't know a little one who doesn't thing a police car is cool, that is until they turn into teenagers then the cool factor wear off!


The Bug said...

Chocolate + Salt = the perfect PMS food! LOL.

I'm kind of flabbergasted by the rocks - I guess she was just too busy to notice. But I'm squirming right now just thinking about it :)

Tiffany said...

I'm sure the kitchen is already dirty again by now...esp. if it's anything like my house...I have two boys:) The picture of the rocks is way funny!!! lol!! My baby came home from pre-k a few years ago with a marshmallow in his pocket. He said it was good and wanted me to taste it. By the time he got home it was melted to the insides of his pockets...yuck!!!


Come and make my kitchen look like yours? Please? I loved the rocks in the underwear story. That was priceless.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

got to love having hiking weather. I wish my kitchen was that clean. maybe it would be motivation to photograph it if I decluttered it again