Friday, March 18, 2011

robbers and bad guys

we went to dinner with my parents one evening last week. my dad had taken colby to swim school earlier that afternoon, and went into the restroom with colby while he changed back into his clothes. an older boy (upper elementary) approached my dad and told him that two little boys, who were playing in the the restroom at that time, pick on colby every week, and he just wanted to let him know.
so many things went thru my head when my dad told me this. i was upset that colby hadnt said anything. i was annoyed at the rule that doesnt allow boys over 4 to go into the womens' room (although i do understand it). i was angry at the boys that have been picking on my sweet son. we were talking about it at dinner that evening
me: what do they do to you?
colby: they try to make me get in a locker.
me: do they push you or grab you or touch you at all?
colby: no. they just tell me to get in, but i dont.
me: what do you do?
colby: i tell them to treat others how they want to be treated!!
me: well, thats good. if they ever try to do anything to you, you yell for help and i'll come in there myself if i have to.
colby: ok. why are some kids mean?
me: maybe because they dont know Jesus.
colby: but they will when they grow up and have kids?
me: not necessarily. just because you have kids doesnt mean you know Jesus. lots of adults dont know Jesus.
colby: like robbers?!?
me: yeah, maybe.

i couldnt help but laugh to myself. robbers? really?
on a side note, he is completely unfazed by those two boys, which i guess is why he's never said anything. im torn between being upset that, according to someone else, hes getting picked on, or being glad that he a)hasnt given into what theyre trying to get him to do, and b)he hasnt let it bother him in the least.

i took the kids hiking last weekend, and we passed a boy and his father. the boy had a very tall walking stick that fascinated molly.
molly: does he have that so he can beat up animals?
me: maybe.
molly: and bad guys?
me: yeah, maybe that too.
molly: or bad girls?
me: bad girls too?
molly: yes.
me: are there bad girls? or just bad guys?
molly: bad girls too. there has to be bad girls so the bad guys will have friends.

makes perfect sense. and then they'll have bad kids that will pick on my son at swim school!!
sorry, sorry.
i'm done ranting.

one more.....
same hiking trip....
molly: can i have a drink?
me: not yet. (i was not trying to be cruel. we were SO close to the car, i was just trying to get there.)
molly: i'm going to stop breathing if i dont have a drink! i'm running out of breathing!
me: water helps you breathe?
molly: yes. of course. (of course is used often and usually not in the right context. its very funny.)
me: how?
molly: the bubbles in it have air in them, and that gives me breathing of course.

of course.

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Mandy said...

Oh my, Molly is hilarious! I want Ramona to start saying "of course". She has just learned the phrase, "No way! Never!". Poor Colby, but mainly poor you! I am not ready for my kids to get picked on. It breaks my heart! But Colby has the right attitude. He's awesome. :)