Saturday, March 5, 2011

threesixfive, days 56 thru 62

its been a different week for us around here. allen started a one month sabbatical on tuesday. he will not be going back to work/church until april 3rd. crazy! so hes been around the house this week with us. a few drs appointments, and colby and i are still doing school in the mornings, but we're getting some good family time in. we leave tomorrow for a few days away. we're going to meet with a pastor and his wife, just to have them speak some wisdom to us in where we're at and where we're going as far as ministry and family. we're going to stay at a church encampment, so the kids should have some fun adventures out there in the woods looking for bugs and exploring. i'm looking forward to it.
heres our week

sunday, day 56
after church (our last day for 5 weeks!!!) we went to lunch with our friends the lamberts. molly loves their baby, tate.

monday, day 57
it was a beautiful day, so the kids and i got out in the backyard. their favorite thing is to pretend that the playscape is a castle, and i'm the dragon that has to chase them around. molly wanted to dress up for it this time.

tuesday, day 58
colby is way into angry birds (a game on the iphone/ipad). we really dont let him play that much, but hes just really latched onto it for some reason. allen bought stuffed angry birds off amazon, and a friend of his let us borrow an angry birds green pig hat that he has, so molly and colby take turns wearing the hat and nailing each other with the birds. its pretty funny. they were in the process of playing when i took this quick picture. thats why the hat isnt on her head very good; he'd just hit her with a bird!

wednesday, day 59
tragedy. we took the kids for haircuts, and the computer tells the stylist specifically what we do to colbys hair (what number guard to use on the back, top, etc). she was working on him, and asked me.
stylist: do you keep his bangs pretty short in the front?
me: yeah, we keep 'em short.
she proceeded to take the trimmer and run it right down the front of his head!
i gasped. loud. and put my hands over my mouth.
me: oh. o....k....
stylist: oh, im sorry. is that not what you do?
me: no, we trim it.
stylist: i'm sorry.
me: thats ok, it'll grow back.
at this point, colby has melted into a puddle of tears.
colby: its too short! i want my hair back!
me: its ok, buddy! youre so handsome! you really cant tell its any different from usual.
and you really cant. in fact, thats probably how we'll have them do it next time. but colby doesnt like change, and my initial reaction freaked him out. anyway, heres the picture i took right after it happened.

thursday, day 60
mollys dance class working on their recital performance.

friday, day 61
allen got to come to co-op with us for the first time! colby loved having him there! he took this picture in one of colbys classes. they were learning about bubbles.

saturday, day 62
another birthday party, another pinata. this time it was mollys sweet friend avery, and the kids had a blast. molly didnt hold her purse while she swung, but you can see she was making a fashion statment all the same.

have a fantastic week!!!


RaD said...

My son would have freaked out too. He doesn't like me to take him in to have his hair done because nine times out of ten they will cut his hair in the front too short. Now he wants to grow it out, Ugh!

So your little girl just likes to look like a princess while she's whackin' at the pinata. Nothing wrong with that :)

The Cyber Hermit said...

Oh, I *love* the picture on the trampoline!

skoots1mom said...

i didn't get any pics this week but sure am enjoying everyone else's

Lisa said...

Wow, sounds like your lives will really be different for a month! Praying you get guidance and clarity.

One thing about little boys is their hair does grow quickly. I'm surprised he cares at that age. Super cute trampoline picture. Looks like fun!

Mimi said...

What a blessed time your family is going to have. I hope it is relaxing and fun.

Have a wonderful week,

The Bug said...

All the pictures of your kids this week are too cute. Poor Colby - his pouty face is my favorite. Sigh.


I love the trampoline ballerina and the haircut pic the most.

sara said...

oh his expression with the hair cut is so sad!!! but he's probably going to love having it short!!

I'll be praying for ya'll on this sabbatical..that God refreshes your hearts and that the time strengthens you as a family!

Tiffany said...

Oh what a sad little face! We have had our fair share of haircut drama too - it's never easy.

I am so glad you all are taking a sabbatical. That is so vital for families in ministry. I will be praying for sweet family time and refreshment of your vision.