Sunday, March 27, 2011

rv adventure/threesixfive, days 77 thru 83

we spent the first half of the week a an rv park in an rv some sweet friends of ours let us use. it was a fun relaxing time away for all four of us. when we got there monday, we checked in and walked around some, then drove a few miles south to a drive thru safari ranch. we've been several times before, and ive shared pictures on here, so i wont post too many, but it was a great time as always. tuesday we stayed at the rv park all day, went swimming, walked around and took pictures of all the different license plates (i think we saw 15 different states), and grilled out. there was also a jumping pillow the kids loved, and as well as a trampoline and a game room.

wednesday, on our way home, we stopped in new braunfels at the childrens museum. i'd heard it was pretty amazing, and we were not disappointed!! it wasnt so much a museum, but more of an indoor educational mini city. there was a farm, a campsite, a grocery store, bank, hospital, news station, etc, etc. even though it was about an hour and fifteen minutes away, we will definitely be going back.

the rest of the week was normal, with dance lessons, swim school, co-op and the like. heres our week, in more pictures than usual. :-)

sunday, day 77

colby was in a puzzle mood on sunday. we did 3 or 4 that afternoon.

monday, day 78

checking out the rv park, and the drive thru safari

tuesday, day 79

a day at the rv park

wednesday, day 80

at the childrens museum in new braunfels

thursday, day 81
this is mollys favorite thing to do in the shower.

friday, day 82
this is the p.e. class i teach at the homeschool co-op we're a part of. the weather was so beautiful outside on friday, that i just let them enjoy it. they all ended up on the sand volleyball court.

saturday, day 83
we had yet another birthday party today, this one was a friend from mollys preschool. all the little girls dressed as princesses (right up mollys alley, because we all know she probably would have anyway), and cinderella was there to spend the couple of hours with them. molly was in awe.

allen and i leave this afternoon for 3 days and 3 nights at a hotel on the riverwalk in san antonio that we were given by a sweet family in our church. what a great way to wrap up his sabbatical!!


sara said...

looks like a pretty wonderful week! I so miss camping! my favorite family memories with my kids are camping. one day we will get back to it!

The Cyber Hermit said...

The camping and museum tour pictures are great - remind me of the good memories I have with my parents taking us places like that.

I love Molly got to be a princess with a princess in her pretty dress :). And that shower picture is so mischievious.

RaD said...

The shower picture is cute. If we had doors instead of a curtain, my daughter would probably do that too.

RVing is so much fun!

rita said...

Such fun pictures! And fun family times! So fabulous 3 days in San Antonio!!!

The Bug said...

Love the zebra shot - too cute! And your little princess is too cute too.

McCrakensx4 said...

loving your week...i loved camping as a kid...your adventure looked super fun with all of the activites and drive thru zebra photo op! And the princess party was a fav i am sure...super cute one you've got there! and that museum looks like a place my boys would have loved a few years ago...looks and sounds like your fam enjoyed it tons!

Tobias Thrash said...

The kids are having so much fun at the playground and this would be a memory that they will cherish. As young ones, they got to travel and experience what it feels like to go on an RV trip. The photos of the ostrich and the zebra look funny. :-)