Saturday, March 12, 2011

threesixfive, days 63 thru 69

we had a nice, relaxing family getaway at the beginning of the week as part of allens month-long sabbatical. hes been gone the last few days watching the UIL state basketball playoffs. he goes every year, and this year he didnt have to take off work to do it! :-) hes technically not gone. the playoffs are in austin, so hes still sleeping here, but hes come home after i'm asleep each night, and left before i'm awake each morning, so i really havent seen him since wednesday. i'll be glad to have him back tomorrow...or tonight if i can keep myself awake. time change. ick.

sunday, day 63
on our way to the camp (where we stayed earlier in the week) we stopped and met some friends for lunch in huntsville. this is molly and trinity, who just turned 3. they could be sisters! their appearance and personalities are so similar! which means together they're a hand.ful.

monday, day 64
we spent the day exploring the campgrounds. the kids found plenty to do.

tuesday, day 65
we got back in town late afternoon, and went to 'taste of round rock' with some friends. we go every year. restaraunts from all over the area set up tables and hand out food. there were, i think, 50 businesses represented. we were stuffed!!!

wednesday, day 66
we took advantage of the beautiful afternoon by washing the cars!

thursday, day 67
i go to zumba a few times a week at the gym. its so popular that they had to start handing out passes about a year ago, because more people were coming than could fit in the room. if you're not there at least 30 minutes before class, you dont get a pass. they go quick! today i was #1!!! that was definitely worth a picture!

friday, day 68
i took the kids to the library today. molly decided the outing was worth wearing a tiara.

saturday, day 69
my parents had some people over for dinner (the kids and i included). we roasted weenies and marshmallows at the fire pit. they said it was their fire farewell party. the above ground pool will be sitting there within a week or so.

its spring break here this week, which means we wont be doing much of anything because everyone else will be out doing it! enjoy your week if you have it off, or even if you dont!! :-)


Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

I SMILED about the library outing & the tiara. Absolutely worthy of whipping out our tiara's! HA! Sounds like a precious week!

Mrs_Thielke said...

What an amazing week you had!

Molly and Trinity are just dolls...they DO look like sisters!

I pretty much think that "taste of round rock" would be paradise for me. I get giddy when HyVee has sample day; THIS would rock my socks off.

I'm glad you enjoyed my pictures, yours blessed me as well. Blessings on the week ahead

sara said...

loved that Molly was washing the car in a dress!!! and then the tiara..oh, she stole the show this week!! :)

We used to attend a similar event in Chicago like taste of round rock. I miss it!!!

great week!

RaD said...

It hasn't been quite that warm here yet, but we've had plenty of sunshine too!

The tiara completely reminds me of my daughter, who will wear one to school if it suits her fancy for the day.

He & Me + 3 said...

Gotta try that zumba seems to be so popular and fun. The kids walking on the rocks made me nervous. Yikes.


Looks like you had a busy week and loved your round patio. We have a round fire pit and love it.

Kim said...

Got a kick out of the tiara at the library shot :) My daughter was much the same (and my son always made sure his handy sword was strapped to his side for his trip to the library. lol)

The campground looks so tranquil and lovely!

Looks like a busy but fun week :) Hope the next one is just as great!

Mimi said...

I bet the kids are excited about the grandparents pool!


Angie said...

What a fun week!

The tiara was cute.

I love the "pad" for the fire bowl and swimming pool. That's a great idea!

It's spring break for my college girl, but as a homeschooler I wasn't planning on it. Might change my mind and take the week off. We wouldn't go anywhere either, but a week to craft, eat out, shop, read...that doesn't sound too bad.

Have a great week!

The Bug said...

Love the tiara - she's such a girly girl :)

I could stand to wash my car, but it's not quite warm enough yet here in Ohio. But soon!

rita said...

All fun! tasting food, outings, zumba, library visit,...and a clean car!!!