Monday, May 23, 2011

things I don't do

today the kids and I took my mother in law (visiting from houston) to the domain, a cool shopping area ive mentioned on here before. there are only a couple stores down there I actually shop at, because it's mostly very high end, and the further down the strip you go the more expensive the stores get. at any rate, I drove down the strip just so mom could see all the stores and get a feel for the place. as we're driving....
me: down here it just gets fancier and fancier. michael kors, tiffany & co, louis vuitton. I don't ever come down to this end.
colby: you also don't ever talk in a british accent.
me: yeah.....that's true. colby, when have you ever heard me talk in a british accent?
colby: I haven't. that's why I said that.
me: hmm. ok.

I guess he was just taking note of things I don't do, and speaking in a british accent is clearly one of them.

later in the day, they wanted to get out and run in the sprinkler, so I told them to go get their swimsuits on.
I don't make a deal out of them seeing each other naked. maybe I should, I don't know. it's usually not even an issue, because they get dressed in their rooms and shower separately, etc. but with mimi being in town they both just want to be with her all the time, so colby brought his swimsuit into the living room to change.
colby: no one look at me. I'm changing into my swimsuit......(seconds pass) mommy, mollys looking at me! molly don't look at me!
me: colby, if you don't want her to see you, then go to your room. youre the one who chose to change in the living room.
he didn't. he stood right there by the couch and put his swimsuit on. then a few minutes later molly was ready to get hers on.
molly: mommy, will you help me?
me: sure. bring it here.
molly: no, come in my room. (as we're walking away) i dont want colby to see my vagina.
colby: and i definitely would have looked. you totally just saw my penis.

i just left that one alone. my mother-in-law on the other hand, laughed hysterically, which made me think, 'i probably need to blog about this.' :-)


Mama Zen said...

That's hilarious!

Dawn said...

Yes, you certainly did need to blog about that!!! I suppose they've both just given you the clue that maybe it's time to start setting up those boundaries... since they would totally look now! LOL

I love your kiddos!

The Bug said...

Oh kids - a never ending source of blog material. That is SO funny!

Princess Hippopotamus said...

BAHAHAHA that really is hilarious.