Sunday, May 8, 2011

threesixfive, days 118 thru 124

pretty good week around here. made some progress around the house with our updates we've been working on. molly got sent home from school with pink eye monday, so having to stay home all day tuesday gave me time to really get some good things done.

sunday, day 118

we got the kids an easel (chalkboard on one side, butcher paper on the other) and i walked in to see colby had written this. so sweet.

monday, day 119

when molly go sent home on suspicion of pink eye, i was in denial. i thought maybe it was just allergies. when her eye started oozing at 5pm, i called white gloves. its part of our insurance plan. they come to your house! from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week theyre available for home visits, and they bring your prescription (if needed) to you! pretty awesome.

tuesday, day 120

i decided to redecorate the guest bathroom. it was 'ocean', so i had to paint over all the blue.

wednesday, day 121

race night at awanas. colbys car didnt win anything, and he was pretty upset, but he got a ribbon for participating, and some pointers for next year.

thursday, day 122

poupee? poopie? what? im confused.

friday, day 123

went to a birthday party for our friends caleb, jacob, and hannah (triplets!). each kiddo brought their favorite stuffed animal, and got to dress it up, and then 'show' it at the pet show. colby took timmy the turtle and made him into a super hero.

saturday, day 124

we had another birthday party this afternoon out at the city park. there were a few ponies and a full sized horse the kids (and some adults) got to ride. allen and chris gave molly and avery side by side rides.

i hope you have a blessed mothers day and week!!!


The Bug said...

Colby sure has good handwriting - mine was always TERRIBLE.

Love the pet show idea - and the pony pic is too cute.

RaD said...

Wow! Your boy has really nice handwriting!

I think poupee is a doll?

Sorry to hear about the pink eye. I hope your daughter lets you put the drops in. When we get pink eye around here I have to use green tea bags because our son will not let you put anything on his eyes. It takes a day longer and a lot of handwashing reminders but it works too.

sara said...

I have never heard of White gloves OR of any medical insurance company coming to your HOUSE!!! oh my word, that is awesome!!

Alyssa is at school in Abilene....sadly not close to Austin!

McCrakensx4 said...

How sweet to walk by and see that on the chalkboard! And that bday party themed pet show is an awesome idea! Love it! I really really love the idea of an insurance company coming to our house when one of the kids is sick and to bring the meds...that is awesome! And pink eye is yucky but quickly healed...hope she is doing better!

rita said...

So sweet."Let brotherly love continue"
And birthdays...but no more pink eye!
Have a great week.

He & Me + 3 said...

we had pink eye over here a few weeks ago but noone brought me my very cool for you. I have never heard of that either. Can't wait to see the bathroom when it is finished. I love painting and mini makeovers. Glad you had a good week.

LuAnn said...

I am a little late looking at these -
Sorry Molly had pink eye - hoped that cleared up quickly.

How fun a birthday party with ponys or is it ponies ?