Saturday, May 21, 2011

threesixfive, days 132 thru 138

its been quite a week! my 30th birthday was monday, so there was much celebrating that day, then thursday colby completed the 10th and final step of swim school. he'll move on to the next level in june, and when he completes those 10 steps, he'll be able to be on the swim team. mollys first dance recital was this afternoon. SO. CUTE. we went to gattiland to celebrate the week we had. my in laws drove in from houston for the recital and my mother in law is staying with us for a few days.

heres some of the week...

sunday, day 132

saw this license plate at church, which was weirdly funny to me.

monday, day 133

my bestie katie took me for a birthday pedicure. me and my feet were super grateful.

tuesday, day 134

colby saw something that scared him today, and wouldnt sleep in his room. we finally talked him into sleeping on the floor in mollys room.

wednesday, day 135

colby learned about thomas edison today, and he painted this lightbulb as part of the lesson.

thursday, day 136

colby was given this shirt when he graduated to the next level. so proud of him!

friday, day 137

my new favorite band! they were at the conference allen and i went to last weekend. great lyrics, great sound, and theyre super cool. how could you not love a band that uses a melodica?

saturday, day 138

alright, i couldnt pick just one. here are a few of molly in her dance costumes and at the recital.

tomorrow is my annual birthday celebration with my girlfriends. we go to brunch and do a little shopping. im really looking forward to it. then allen and i leave thursday for a few days away for my birthday! we're going to a spa resort in the hill country. hiking and massages? yes please.

have a great week!!


LuAnn said...

How cute is Molly is her dance outfit!

Yeah for Colby !

And enjoy the spa with your husband. Sounds great !


What a fun week you had. Loved the precious dancing Molly. Happy belated birthday! I am a pedi lover too....nothing better....well, maybe a massage.

semperfi said...

Love the light bulb. Happy Belated birthday!!

The Cyber Hermit said...

Happy birthday, youngster! :)

I love the way Colby looks so proud in his T-shirt and Molly is absolutely adorable in her outfit and hat!

sara said...

I remember my 30th so vividly...sick in bed with the flu!! so glad yours was and will continue to be great!!!

that license plate was great. I am assuming it was a 67 mustang? ;)

RaD said...

Sounds like you have a lot of fun planned for your birthday. Enjoy yourself!

You had to post those pictures of your little girl because the rest of the post was mostly about Colby. :) That happens to me sometimes too! And those pictures of her were simply adorable and needed to be shown to the world! :)

Kim said...

Oh my goodness, no wonder you couldn't pick just one -- how adorable!!!

Happy belated birthday -- and enjoy the extended celebrations :)

Mimi said...

Wow it sounds like an amazing time for you, what fun. I would kill for a massage or a pedicure, lol.

Happy birthday.


McCrakensx4 said...

Awesome birthday celebration...glad to hear you had a great birthday! What a cutie in her dance it! Hope you enjoy your spa weekend...little jealous!

rita said...

And happy belated to you too!
The number part of that license plate fits me. Don't know if I'd dare claim the whole statement, however ;)
Just had our granddaughter's last dance recital before college--three hours of watching all the ages perform. The little ones are sooooo cute!
In the middle of her senior solo the fire alarm went off and everyone had to evacuate the building!
May you enjoy many more recitals!

The Bug said...

I love birthdays that just keep on going - I'm glad you're having a good one.

Molly is just absolutely adorable in her dance costumes :)