Saturday, May 14, 2011

threesixfive, days 125 thru 131

we had a great week! i hope you did too!!

allen and i were able to get away for a couple days to attend the catalyst conference in dallas. we heard from some amazing speakers and were really challenged in some areas. i also had a rude awakening and further sealed my frusteration with the english language on the drive home. you can read about it here.

heres the week...

sunday, day 125

happy mothers day! me and my momma.

monday, day 126

allens the chaplain for the round rock express, the rangers triple a team. monday they had an afternoon game, so one of the players, brad nelson, came over for dinner monday night. he brought me this bat as a thank you. its his bat from the breast cancer awareness game. it will be hung up next to a couple other autographed bats we have in our new guest room! :-)

tuesday, day 127

the newly redecorated guest bathroom! i couldnt get it all in one picture, but you get the idea.

wednesday, day 128

a sampling of the graduation invitations we've recieved. tis the season.

thursday, day 129

a group of street artists, i think they were called, were 'creating' in the foyer at the conference. i thought this one was really cool. they just had pieces of cardboard and some wire and a little paint.

friday, day 130

the theme of catalyst was 'take courage'. this wall was available for people to share a verse that gives them courage. some of my favorite quotes from the conference are...

"do you want to be safe, or do you want to be brave?"

"the purpose of life is not to arrive at death safely."

"why do we live a risk averse life, if we truly believe that death has lost its sting?"

saturday, day 131

molly was practicing safe jumping.

another full week is upon us! tomorrow is senior recognition sunday. all the graduates will be recognized in the 2nd service tomorrow morning, then theres a big banquet tomorrow night for the seniors and their families. monday is my birthday! yay! well, maybe not yay. i'm hitting the big 3-0...eek.

thursday the kids and i are spending the day with my mom because allen and my dad will be gone on a church staff day retreat, and saturday is mollys dance recital and my mother in law is coming and staying for 5 days.

we keep right on truckin!

have a blessed week!



The Cyber Hermit said...

Hey, the bathroom looks good!

I love Molly and her "safe jumping". Would I had thought of that when I decided to ride a skateboard down my street (wait, it was the 70's and we didn't have helmets :)).

And you look so much like your mom. Both of you are lovely.

McCrakensx4 said...

Love that she is a safety girl!! And we have been invited to a few (or more!) grad parties this year...always do since hubby coaches and teaches at the HS! Lovely pic of you and your mom on Mother's Day!


Loved the bathroom. It is really pretty. Loved your mom pic too...she is so young.

rita said...

Great to get away with hubby!
You and mom look so young.
Very nice decoration job.
I make little boxes out of the graduation invites and decorate their gift or card with them. One mother was soooo hoping I would do for her younger son what I had done for the others ;) LOL

skoots1mom said...

such a pretty bathroom

i only received one graduation invitation this year...last year it was about like yours ;)

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

love the look of the bathroom. always good to go with the safety first philosophy

The Bug said...

You & your mom have twin smiles - lovely ladies! And 30 isn't so bad - really! LOVE the bathroom.