Monday, September 5, 2011

threesixfive, days 237 thru 243

the first part of this week wrapped up camp mimi, where each kiddo got to spend 3 days with my mother in law all to themselves. we exchanged colby for molly on monday, and by thursday morning everyone was back home safe if not completely sound. ;-) but seriously, they love their time down there and we enjoy having each of them solo for a few days, too. my pictures are a bit off this week. i know i got wednesday and thursday switched, but i upload the pics first for a faster layout, and its too difficult to go back and change it, so we'll have to deal.

sunday, day 237
i watched the youth worker kids for allens meeting sunday night and one of the girls made a baby hotel.

monday, day 238
allen and i finished our second puzzle, and i glued it all together. i'm going to have to figure out where to put them!

tuesday, day 239

yes, its a picture of jake eating. sorry. i was desperate this week. :-/

wednesday, day 240

(this is actually thursday) i took the kids back to that tea house (ive mentioned before) after a trip to the library. i love that they play while i sit and read. get a clue starbucks.

thursday, day 241
back in may i did an entire post about a particular word (pictured here) that i wont even bother to mention, except to say that i still say it exactly the way it looks, even in my head when i read. to read the post click here.

friday, day 242

gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches are "the thing" right now, so i decided to try one of my own. i made a pesto tomato grilled cheese sandwich and used white cheddar. oh. my. word. heaven between two slices of white bread. i'm actually making them for dinner again tonight. try it. please.

saturday, day 243

for ten years allen and i have been having the same....discussion, about the toothpaste tube. i squeeze it right in the middle which drives him halfway crazy. my hands arent big enough to squeeze from the bottom unless i use both hands, requiring me to lay my toothbrush on the counter, which would be ludicrous. the other night, much to my demise, i noticed this little tidbit on the tube. how dare you aquafresh?!? youve lost my business. i will be making further toothpaste purchases from a company thats not prejudice against people with small hands.

this week molly starts dance, and co-op kicks back up on friday. fun times will be had by all.

be blessed!!


LuAnn said...

I squeeze from the middle too and Joel does not. Must be a guy thing.

Your sandwich looks great too !!

Happy Week !

sara said...

we have gone to separate tubes!!! solves the problem!!!

is that really a mouse you are feeding to the snake...ugh!

I wish that sandwich looked good...I am just coming off the flu and NOTHING looks or sounds good yet! I will have to remember to come back and look at it in a couple of days1 ha!

The Bug said...

That sandwich looks pretty fabulous to me - yum! I might have to make myself one for breakfast tomorrow.

I love your not-too-subtle working in of your favorite word.

We used mentadent for YEARS, which solved the problem of the toothpaste tube, But now it's hard to find, so we have a regular tube. I don't think either of us care one way or the other, but I will say that we have a contest to see who ends up using the very LAST drop of toothpaste. He usually wins because he's stronger :)

rita said...

Ha ha. I'm enjoying the toothpaste discussion. I like to squeeze from bottom and roll up the end, if possible, and squeeze every drop out or even scrape out the last. Ha! i don't think Mike cares and usually throws away the tube before I am finished with it.


Sandwich looked yummy....your week looked pretty busy....and I squeeze from the middle too, but we have separate tubes so it does not matter. Not so fond of your snake picture, as a snake....they do nothing for me. Have a wonderful week.