Sunday, August 28, 2011

threesixfive, days 230 thru 236

we officially started school this week and it went really well. i love the curriculum we're using, and colby, for the most part, has been very cooperative and agreeable with all the reading and writing 1st grade has required of him so far. mollys jumping right in, too. i think i'm going to order the kindergarden workbooks for her that colby did last year, because what i have for her is way too easy. shes been eavesdropping on colbys lessons and answering a bunch of his questions for him, so i'm thinking something to keep her a bit more occupied would be helpful for me, although maybe not for colby. ;-)
here are the pictures for the week.....

sunday, day 230
we got home from church and had nothing to do the rest of the day. it was glorious. we broke out into spontaneous wrestling mid-afternoon.

monday, day 231
allen took the kids to the ballpark before dinner to participate in the city-wide rain dance. thats why spike (the mascot) is holding the umbrella and wearing a poncho. unfortunately it didnt work. :-(

tuesday, day 232

molly had me put together a tea party for her and colby. she doesnt like tea, though, so she had sunny d. colby had (cold) tea....and i didnt have tea biscuits or whatever youre supposed to have with tea, so fig newtons had to do.

wedensday, day 233

my birds arent near as pretty as the bugs birds, but there they are...actually theyre not pretty at all...but we have a rabbit!

thursday, day 234

random train. i liked the different colored cars.

friday, day 235

today we met mimi halfway and she took molly for a few days. tomorrow we meet again and she and colby will switch. friday night colby got to pick what he wanted to do. we went to gattiland for dinner, played some games, then as an added bonus, we met up with some friends for bowling. it was a fun evening.

saturday, day 236

a mid afternoon snack. nutritious, yes? anything that turns your tongue blue must be good for you. that means theres blueberries in it.

like i said, tomorrow we meet to exchange the kids out, and i'll have molly by herself for a few days. i've enjoyed my concentrated time with colby, and i'm looking forward to the same thing with mo. then next week its back to our fabulous, predictable rountine! :-)

have a blessed week!


Mimi said...

It's been chaos here for the last few weeks, so I'm looking forward to a little more routine.

Have a great week,

The Bug said...

Thanks for the shout out :) It is a cute bunny.

LOVE the tea party - I think fig newtons are just right!

sara said...

so glad school started so well!!

my kids always loved bowling..they still do!!!


What a wonderfully fun and busy week you had Loved seeing all the kid pics.

RaD said...

Love the blue tongue, my kids like me to photograph their rainbow colored tongues from time to time too.

Have fun with your girl. That's great they'll visit separately like that. I have one that wouldn't mind but the other one doesn't spend the night well anywhere without his sister.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

that rain dance party is too funny. I love the tea party picture. hope you find a curriculum that works for you and your little lady, sounds like you've got a smart cookie there

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I miss tea parties, when the DD was little we watch a special on television about the royal family. The DD saw them having High Tea. After that she wanted to start having tea parties. I have my grandmothers silver tea service, well we would pull that out and have tea in the afternoons when she got home from was great fun!