Sunday, September 25, 2011

threesixfive, days 258 thru 264

hope you had a great week! we certainly did. i'll get right to the pictures.

sunday, day 258
as many of you know we redid mollys room a few months ago. i just got around to putting something above her window. her naked curtain rod has been mocking me for several weeks, so i tied several different ribbons to it and called it a day. i think it turned out pretty good.

monday, day 259
i got a call from my friend emily monday afternoon. she was supposed to go take a test that evening and her babysitter backed out at the very last minute, so she brought her girls over (her older daughter is mollys best friend) for a few hours. colby was SO good with katie (18 months). he loves babies, and i loved watching him love on her. he found little things to let her help him with and was so patient. im hoping thats a foreshadowing of the excellent daddy he'll be someday.

tuesday, day 260
i laid out all my ingredients for dinner and was proud of how fabulously healthy it all looked. unfortunately it also tasted very healthy. :-/ not a huge hit.

wednesday, day 261
allen preached today in church, and we've recently started filming promo videos to put on the churches facebook page a few days before. zach came over to film it in our front yard; colby and molly got to be in it.

thursday, day 262
happy 10th anniversary to us! allen blindfolded me as soon as we got in the car (not a bad picture for not being able to see anything!) and we ended up at the same exact spot he proposed. he recreated our proposal and got down on his knee again and everything. :-) it was a sweet night, and i'm looking forward to 50 more years with that man.

friday, day 263

i walked into colbys room to put some laundry away, and found him (after several seconds) sitting just like this on his bed. i guess he was pretending to be a stuffed animal...or hiding...whatever it was it worked. i really didnt notice him sitting there at first. goofy kid.

saturday, day 264

we went to dinner tonight with a big group to celebrate our friend chris's 40th birthday. a fun way to wrap up the week.

hope you have a fabulous last week of september! im looking forward to cooler weather and hopefully some more rain soon enough. if nothing else i'll get a taste of fall when we go to maine in a couple weeks. that cant get here fast enough!

be blessed!


LuAnn said...

Happy Anniversary to you both - many more blessed years !!!

Love the ribbons on the curtain rod. I did that in my kitchen.

sara said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! And what a sweet romantic...recreating your proposal!!! Big points for him!!!!

Now I am the one who is green with envy!! Maine?!!! One of my favorite places! And lobster, lots of lobster!!!!

Sara, Luke, and Brooklyn said...

Love the ribbon curtain!! And Happy Anniversary you lovebirds. :)

The Bug said...

Happy anniversary! I love the ribbon curtain too - such a great idea.

rita said...

Cute and clever ribbon valance!
Sweet anniversary surprise!
Good week, even healthy ;)