Sunday, October 2, 2011

threesixfive, days 265 thru 271

i hope everyone has had a great week. ours was pretty routine with a few scheduled adventures; we had our first co-op field trip on tuesday, and spent a fabulous saturday at the lake with some friends from church. i cant believe its october!! the weather seems to be getting with the program, although only slightly, as we had a couple of days in the 80s this week, and saturday morning was borderline cool. my long sleeved shirts are taunting me from the tippy top rack in my closet. they cant come down soon enough!
here are some of the weeks pictures....

sunday, day 265
the restaraunt where we had lunch provided the kids with balloons (before the meal...huh? what are we supposed to do with them while we eat?). i noticed on the way to the car the color showed on the pavement. i thought it looked cool next to their shadows.

monday, day 266

a good day of school. colbys working hard, and getting really good at spelling and handwriting.

tuesday, day 267

the elementary group from our homeschool co-op took a tour of the acme brick company. we walked the assembly line, saw the (huge) kiln, and got a ball of clay to make our own creation at the end. as you can see, molly was thrilled about the hard hat and safety glasses.

wednesday, day 268

we traced our shadows this afternoon, and were going to come trace them again a couple hours later to see how the suns position affects the shadow. shortly after our first tracing, the sky darkened with the promise of rain and the sun never came back out....the rain changed its mind as well. :-/

thursday, day 269
a trip to the library resulted in yet another barbie movie. mollys not into barbies in and of themselves (inwardly i'm thrilled), but she really likes the videos. colby was so kind to endure the fashion princess spectacle.

friday, day 270

colbys young explorers class is learning all about water and the different things it does. friday they learned about water levels and solutions.

saturday, day 271

the parents of one of our seniors have a camper they keeped parked out at the lake thru november. saturday they invited us to come out and spend the day, ride the seadoo, eat fajitas, and swim. we had so. much. fun. i got some great pictures, but these are a couple of my favorites.

tonight we're going to see the new movie 'Courageous'. im super excited, and plan on taking my kleenex with me. i teared up watching the trailer for it in church this morning. that does not bode well. i think i'll probably 'ugly cry.'

have a blessed week!!


sara said...

love the picture of the shadows with the balloons!!!

I think we will see courageous next week when I am home with my parents..can't wait!!!

The Bug said...

That balloon shadow picture is really cool! Love Molly's put upon expression with the hard hat :)


Loved the balloon and shadows picture...way cool!

rita said...

Looks like the shadow pic wins!
Tell us about Courageous and your reaction.
Love all the fun you all have!