Saturday, November 12, 2011

threesixfive, day 306 thru 312

we had a very full week, starting with a trip to great wolf lodge for colby and mollys birthdays. allens preaching tomorrow, so we brainstormed some ideas for that, and we made a pretty last minute decision to get a puppy. we dont pick her up till tomorrow, so no pictures yet. she'll get her own post this week i'm sure. :-)
heres what we did this week...

sunday, day 306
molly got a haul of squinkies for her birthday. what are squinkies you ask? teenie tiny little toys that will inevitably get sucked up in my vaccum cleaner. allen and i are taking bets on how long it will be before they've all disappeared. but i have to admit, they are kinda cute.

monday, day 307

we spent the morning in the car and the afternoon swimming and riding water slides at the resort (no pictures of it, though. sorry.). it was a great trip because colby was big enough to ride everything on his own, and there were only two slides molly couldnt go on, although she certainly would have if they'd let her. i definitely have two thrill seekers on my hands. we went to dinner at the rainforest cafe (one of the kids favorite places to go if theres one where we are) and ordered the volcano for dessert. that thing didnt stand a chance.

tuesday, day 308 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOLLY!!!)

theres a game at the GWL called magiquest. the kids begged and begged to play last time, but its pricey, so we didnt. this time since we were celebrating birthdays, we splurged. it was really really cool. they each got a magic wand and you have to go all over the 8 floors of the building to find clues and get points to free the pixies and fight the dragon. the wands are synched up to everything so you just wave it at something and it will come to life and give you your next "task" or whatever. allen and i had just as much fun with it as they did.

wednesday, day 309

my big 5-year-old girl at lunch with my family. i love when she wears her hair down, which is pretty much never (she lives in a headband).

thursday, day 310

i made this hair clip!! between the spray adhesive, hot glue, and felt backing, im not sure my fingers will ever be the same, but im pleased with how it turned out.

friday, day 311

we went to a coffee house to hear the band that leads our youth worship on wednesday nights. this is the drummers wife, mandy, and colby, wearing his new and somewhat obnoxious but adorable hat over bright pink earphones (they belong to mandys daughter ramona who typically wears them at the concerts, unless a handsome 7 year old wants to try them out).

saturday, day 312

we went up to the church this morning to set the stage up for allens sermon tomorrow. 3,000 red gumballs and 40 yellow. i'll post a link to his sermon this week so you can go find out what they're for if you want to. ;-) hows that for incentive?

as i said earlier, tomorrow we will be the proud new owners of a schnauzer puppy. i'll share pictures of her later this week. looks like between that and posting the sermon, i'll be on here at least twice between now and saturday...between potty training our new addition of course. i thought i was past those days.

have a blessed week!!


Dawn said...

Wow. You are one brave mama to tackle the puppy. Didn't even know you were considering one! Looking forward to meeting the new member of your family!

Lisa said...

Such a beautiful 5 year old Molly makes! Good luck with the puppy...its fun for the kids and lots of work for us. :)


what a fun week it looked like you had. I loved the squinkies and that volcano cake was to die for. I can't wait to find out more about the red and yellow gumballs. Sounds like it will be a good object lesson.

sara said...

ok the volcano dessert looks AMAZING!!! yum!!

I had a schnauzer growing up..great dogs!!

Can't wait to hear the sermon and what the gumballs are for!!!

Kim said...

I want to try one of those volcano desserts :)
Looks like such a fun week with the birthday celebration and getting ready for Allen's sermon (sounds ntriguing!).
Have fun potty training the puppy! lol Seems like we always have some new challenge in our life :)
Have a great week!

LuAnn said...

Happy Birthday Molly !!!!

And a puppy awwww how fun for everyone. Can't wait to see pictures and learn the name.

Blessings on your week.

The Bug said...

Ooh I want that cake! I could probably eat the whole thing myself :)

Happy birthday Molly!

Can't wait to see the puppy pics :)

rita said...

I think I would love those squinkies.
Molly is so cute.
Gum balls, hmmmm... will check out the sermon.

(Why do I never get around to reading blogs till midweek???)