Sunday, November 6, 2011

threesixfive, days 299 thru 305

just another week here. mimi and papa visited from houston mid-week to deliver birthday presents, so it was great to see them. other than that, everything was pretty standard.
heres what we did...

sunday, day 299
i'm working on a wreath for my memaws birthday coming up in another week and a half. these are the fabrics i chose. her house is mostly blue with little splashes of pinks and purples.

monday, day 300

day 300?!? that means only 65 days left this year. crazy.

heres my little candy corn and pizza slice all dressed up to go trick or treating.

tuesday, day 301
we had a playdate at a friends house, and colby found this headband that i guess is supposed to be pumpkin-esque in nature. he put his head on the coffee table next to the other pumpkin and tried to blend in.

wednesday, day 302
im in the process of unpackaging and hanging up all the costumes i purchased for the co-op christmas skit. colby and molly wanted to test a couple of them out for me.

thursday, day 303

new haircuts!!

friday, day 304

this was colbys main bday gift from mimi and papa. he hasnt stopped playing with it since thursday.

saturday, day 305

this is the barner family. theyre the ones whos baby girl passed away last week. if you didnt watch the video last week check it out on the previous post. their story is touching. the celebration service in honor of caroline was saturday morning, and to wrap up the service, they did a dove release. such a cool thing to see and be a part of.

mollys birthday is tuesday (she'll be 5), and we're heading out tomorrow morning for a dual birthday celebration trip. each year we've had one party for colby and molly together, since their birthdays are only 10 days apart. this year they werent as keen on that idea, so instead of having a party (or parties as it were...or wouldve been), we talked them into taking a trip. the four of us are spending 2 days and a night at the great wolf lodge in grapevine. its an indoor waterpark, plus some other pretty cool things. we went a couple years ago, but theyre taller now, so they'll be able to do more this time. it should be a lot of fun!

have a blessed week!


Kim said...

A birthday trip is a great idea! When our son was little we decided we'd do one big party every five years (off years were small parties with just nearby family)...not realizing our daughter would be born just before our son turned five, meaning we had to do big parties for both the same years -- could have timed that better :)
Love their costumes!


What wonderful pictures. Loved them all.

sara said...

loved the pizza costume!!!

Colby is so funny! as I am going through pics for Jared's senior video, that would be a good one to put away!! :)

The Bug said...

Your kids are so cute! Happy birthday to Molly.

rita said...

Such sweet kid-pics!
Great costume ideas!
Have a wonderful family trip!
Happy birthday to Colby and Molly!!!