Saturday, November 26, 2011

threesixfive, days 320 thru 326

i hope everyone had a pleasant thanksgiving with their families!
this week my mom and i got two days away in a town about two hours from us, called boerne. we ate and shopped and had "girl time". it was fabulous!
then we ate more on thursday. :-/ needless to say i'm looking forward to getting to the gym on monday. i have a bit of catching up to do.

sunday, day 320
our church held its annual thanksgiving dinner. it was packed. and delicious!

monday, day 321

this is our room at the bed and breakfast. each room had a theme. we were in the 'garden room.'

tuesday, day 322

this was a display at one of the shops we went in. i love the old doors as a headboard, and all the same color. i could never have that much white in my house. well, i could, but it wouldnt stay white for very long.

wednesday, day 323
i told colby to go get ready for bed and he came out in this getup. of course molly had to pose with him for a picture.

thursday, day 324
happy thanksgiving!! we went to allens aunts house in waco and celebrated with about 25 of his relatives. this is how most of the guys and kids passed the time.

friday, day 325

every year we decorate the house for christmas on friday after thanksgiving. the tall santa on the left of the mantle is a new addition. i love him.

saturday, day 326
every year the kids each pick a new ornament to add to the tree. colby picked batman (his latest obsession ) and molly picked some irish angel somethingerather. i dont know what it is, but its not the 'campus sweetheart' barbie ornament she picked first, so im good with the irish chick.

after a hectic routineless week, i will welcome monday with open arms. stay warm and dry (we've had lots of sporadic rain this week) if that applies to you. have a blessed week!!


LuAnn said...

Love the doors for the headboard.

I put my tree up today. I put a new picture ornament upevery year of Phil. Fun to see how he has changed.


I love the garden room AND the white room. I have always wanted a white room....just not brave enough to try it. Your tree is gorgeous...I will put mine up next weekend. Love the Irish Angel (and batman). I have three or four barbie doll christmas ornaments that were my daughters and she does not want them on her they are mine now. Love it!

rita said...

Love the new background and your Christmas decor!
I don't know whether to begin decorating here in our temporary digs or not???
Colby and Molly are soooooo funny and cute.
Happy Thanksgiving recovery week!

skoots1mom said...

enjoyed your pics...don't know if our tree will go up this weekend or not.
I'll probably be getting rid of some of my older ornaments this year...getting that 'cleaning bug' kinda feeling this year

semperfi said...

great pics. My boys have been getting an new ornament every years since their first Christmas. Now they have mini trees in their college dorm rooms & decorate them with their special ornaments. A lot of the college kids were impressed with that idea.

The Bug said...

Love Colby's getup - too funny :)

We'll (probably) be putting our tree up next weekend since we were out of town this past weekend.