Sunday, November 20, 2011

threesixfive, days 313 thru 319

it was a very emotional week for us. if youre out of the loop you can go back two posts and read about our dog fiasco.

i'll get right to the pictures.

sunday, day 313

we got a puppy! a 6-week-old schnauzer. meet roxy.

monday, day 314

we had to get rid of the puppy. very sad. again, to get the full story, click here.

this is colby holding her and singing to her (she's passed out asleep from them playing with her for a solid two hours) right before her new family came to pick her up.

tuesday, day 315

our friends aaron and justine came over for dinner and games. they were welcome company after the monday we had!

wednesday, day 316

allen brought this home to cheer colby up. molly got a cinderella mask.

thursday, day 317
i worked all day making coasters to give to the moms at the homeschool co-op we're a part of for teacher appreciation. they turned out great!!

friday, day 318

my kids have perfectly nice, big rooms to play in, but they prefer dragging all their stuff into the living room!! i dont mind too much; its all put away before bed!

saturday, day 319

i had to laugh when i noticed allens dry cleaning pile-- three different shirts, all orange. can you tell he's getting on board with the "think orange" strategy our church is adopting?

allen preached again this morning. part two of the sermon he started last week. i posted a video of last weeks message here if youre interested. you can find out what all the gumballs were for. :-) i think they did a video of todays sermon too. i'll post it as soon as its ready.

tomorrow i leave for a two day getaway to boerne with my mom. we're staying at a little bed and breakfast, and shopping for a couple days. it was my gift to her for her 50th back in june, but we're just now getting around to going. i'm really looking forward to it. boerne is a cute little town and my mom is pretty awesome, so i figure i cant go wrong with the two in combination with each other.

i hope you have a fantastic thanksgiving! we're making a day trip to waco to spend it with all of allens extended family. stay safe and warm (if that applies to you. its 80 degrees and muggy here today. blah.)!!


The Bug said...

So sad about the puppy - she's really cute. But I'm glad you found some friends who could take her.

LOVE the coasters - they're great!

Have a great time with your mom - and Happy Thanksgiving!

sara said...

I'm so sorry about the puppy, I know everyone was heartbroken.

Have fun with your mom.....seriously I am older than your mom. :( have fun anyway! I love time with my daughter!!!

semperfi said...

The coasters are a great idea! Loved them!

rita said...

Sad moments,
funny mad mask,
cool coasters
and a Waco Thanksgiving!
Blessings, frans clan!