Saturday, December 10, 2011

threesixfive, days 334 thru 340

baby its cold outside!! of course, i suppose thats relative. you northerners would probably be out swimmin' or something, but the sweaters and wool peacoats made their first appearance this week. there was even a sheet of ice (a very very thin sheet, but ice is ice) on my windshield one morning!! most days we had stripped down to one layer by the afternoon, but beggars cants be choosers i suppose. i'll take what i can get.

sunday, day 334
i'm working on more projects, the results of which you'll see later in the week!!

monday, day 335
ace decided to keep watch from colbys light chain today. :-)

tuesday, day 336
tonight after dinner we went to look at christmas lights. theres a neighborhood of gorgeous homes near us with several cul-de-sacs in a row, and most of them are decorated beautifully. this one had its lights set to music. we sat there for 20 minutes and watched the whole show.

wednesday, day 337
i scavenged pinecones from my inlaws' yard in houston last week and spray painted them orange and teal. the orange doesnt pop as much as i'd like, but i still like them.

thursday, day 338
every year my friends lauren and april and i exchange gifts. april (whos an art teacher) has always been, well, artsy. lauren and i just jumped on the crafty artsy bandwagon a couple years ago, and so its kind of become "the thing" to make something for each other. i got this idea off pinterest. they're earring holders; you just hook them thru the burlap. i dont have pierced ears, though, so when i get around to making one for myself, it will be art on the mantle.

friday, day 339

tonight was the church staff christmas party. this is the white elephant gift pile.

saturday, day 340

allen and i took the kids to the mall to see santa.

this week we have a 2 christmas parties, then we're going to my inlaws to celebrate with them for a couple days. will you be traveling or staying put this year?


Kim said...

It's fun reading everyone's busy holiday posts! And seeing the great photos. I love your Pinterest project -- very cute. And the photo of kids with santa is adorable. Brings back memories :)

We'll be having a very quiet Christmas, as usual. I may or may not have time to get the Christmas decorations up. We'll be gone the week before Christmas, and it would be so nice to have the tree up when we get back, but I'll have to wait and see if I have time once we finish putting the house back together.

Have a wonderful week!


I love the huge pile of white elephant stuff. We have done that several years and it is fun. Great photos and the one of the house with the Christmas lights is amazing. I love kids with Santa pictures There is such an innocence there that is so perfect. Love the pinterest project. I will have to find it and pin it.. That looked like it was fun. I am making my son in law a pinterest for Christmas. I will be sure and post it too.

sara said...

I saw that craft on pinterest did a great job!

Our staff Christmas party/white elephant is next week...always so much fun.

we are traveling after Christmas, actually Christmas day, to AZ to spend a week with my family. We don't usually travel during the holidays so we will see how this goes!

Those lights are amazing!

LuAnn said...

I saw that Pinterest project - nice job.

We have our staff Christmas party next Saturday but no white elephants. I have my handbell choir over on the 19th for coffee and dessert. Then we have the fun gifts.

We will travel to my parents on Christmas day and stay for a few days. My whole family will be home. So much fun !!!!! But we only have to drive a little over an hour.

Enjoy your week.

The Bug said...

Love that house's lights - gorgeous! And the kids are really cute on Santa's lap :)

We're going to NC for Christmas (yes, it feels like we just got back from thanksgiving!).

rita said...

It was fun to read this.
Now I need to go back further and find out more about Ace. ;)