Saturday, December 17, 2011

threesixfive, days 341 thru 347

merry 1 week till christmas!! i was feeling pretty crummy all week, but realize after some review that my pictures dont reflect that at all, which i guess is a good thing. i feel much better today, but i'm coughing like crazy and my voice will probably be gone by tomorrow. i'm looking into taking a temp job as a 1-900 operator. ;-) kidding, kidding.
my sweet momma was rushed to the ER early thursday morning after about a day and a half of what we thought was a stomach bug. it turns out her appendix had ruptered and they did an emergency appendectomy. shes still in the hospital recovering, but we're hoping she'll be sent home tomorrow. please pray for a quick recovery for her! the good thing is things have slowed down for now so she can rest, but what a bummer time of year to be laid up post-op. makes me think right about this time last year colby was having his adnoids and tonsils out. molly may be next; we'll revisit that in the spring.
i'm rambling.
on to pictures....

sunday, day 341
i snagged this platter at world market, and i love it!!!! i've been wanting a pretty christmas platter, but nothings grabbed my attention like this one did. now i need to make something yummy to break it in.

monday, day 342
they had this cut out next to a very santa-esque chair at the grocery store today. i'm thinking santa made a visit over the weekend and they hadnt taken the "set" down yet.

tuesday, day 343
i ventured into the land of homemade laundry detergent today. i saw a thing on pinterest where a lady made some (the same recipe i used) and it cost her $20 and lasted over 9 months! i had to shred 2 large bars of zote soap with my cheese grater, but other than that it was pretty painless.

wednesday, day 344
the parents were invited into dance class today to watch a christmas performance. they each got to take a candy cane home at the end. molly did a great job.

thursday, day 345
allen needed to change our a.c. filter, but my dad had borrowed our ladder to use up at church. a couple of kitchen chairs and a stepstool later, he had it taken care of. i was a nervouse wreck in the meantime.

friday, day 346
we woke up this morning to find that ace had toilet papered the guest bathroom!! what a troublemaker. the good thing is he always cleans up after himself. ;-)

saturday, day 347
christmas morning at mimis. molly got a doll that was customized and ordered to look just like her, complete with matching dresses. molly named her jessie.

have a fantastic week!!! enjoy the countdown, and time with your loved ones!

i'll see you all back here on christmas eve!!


sara said...

funny, I am sitting her trying to think of who "Ace" is....then I remembered the elf!

so sorry about your mom and praying for a quick recovery!!!

Love, LOVE the platter. I am kind of the amelda marcos of platters and have had to cut myself off from buying them!!!! So I am glad there is not a world market here!!!

hope you are feeling better soon!!


I LOVE THAT PLATTER! Praying for your mom's quick recovery.

RaD said...

Just don't break your platter as you are "breaking it in"!

The Bug said...

Oh that rascally Ace :) that's too funny.

Love Molly's doll - really cute!

Hope you AND your mom feel better soon!

rita said...

Yes, those were fun photos and you accomplished a lot while feeling sick and miserable and getting through your mom's emergency!
Homemade laundry soap? Amazing! Can you share the recipe?
I don't know if I visited you last week or not. Will check.
In any case, have a blessed Christmas!