Saturday, December 24, 2011

threesixfive, days 348 thru 354

its 6 minutes to christmas and i'm exhausted. gifts are wrapped, stockings stuffed, breakfast casserole is in the crockpot, and my pillow is calling. so straight to the main event....

sunday, day 348

we woke up to find that ace had turned our milk green. we never know what he's going to do next! ;-)

monday, day 349

a last minute grocery store purchase of window crayons kept them busy for awhile.

tuesday, day 350

every year the seniors adopt a family in need and go christmas shopping for them, then deliver the presents as a group. i heard about a single mom that just moved to the area who was in need of pretty much everything, and got her information to the senior sunday school teacher. i was able to go with them to make the delivery. 18 students donated just under $1000 and were able to bless this lady and her daughter beyond anything they could have thought. this is the line of students as we knocked on her door and waited to go in.

wednesday, day 351

for the last wednesday night youth meeting of this year, and the last one before christmas, allen did a movie theme night. they watched elf and had an eating contest. if you're familiar with the movie, you'll know what this is. it was a tie between two girls. they out-ate the boys way too easy.

thursday, day 352

ace replaced colby and mollys stockings with their underwear!! thankfully he left mine and allens alone. :-)

friday, day 353
for the 6th year in a row, we spent an evening with shayne and kristin and they prayed over molly and colby as we approach a new year.

saturday, day 354

we went to my parents house after christmas eve service for dinner. my mom bought fuzzy fabric baseballs and pulled all the red thread out of them to make them look like snowballs, so we had a "snowball" fight and played different games with them out in their gameroom.

have a merry christmas!!!!



Your elf has been most mischievous. I loved the underwear in place of the stockings and green milk (yuck). Looks like your week was as hectic as mine and I enjoyed sharing it with you via photos. Merry Christmas.

sara said...

I wish I had done the elf on the shelf with my kids. I love this tradition and seeing what Ace has done!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

rita said...

You all have so much fun!
would love to see the reaction of the single mom when she saw the line-up of kids and gifts!
Have a great true-week-52!

The Bug said...

Love the Elf on a Shelf - my mother would really have gotten into that if it had been around when I was a kid :)

I teared up at the senior gift story - nice.

Love the snowball fight - very ingeniuous!