Sunday, December 4, 2011

threesixfive, days 327 thru 333

hello everyone! we are on our third day of rain here in round rock, but i am absolutely not complaining! we've needed it for quite sometime. i was feeling crummy all week in the evenings. i'd be fine till about 4 oclock, and then id get a pounding headache and just be exhausted. all that to say, my pictures arent terribly exciting, because most of the week was spent at home.

sunday, day 327
my jewelry was out of control, so i reorganized! i saw the paper towel holder for bracelets idea on pinterest. i tried putting all my headbands around an oatmeal canister (also a pinterest idea), but either the one i saw a picture of was a really big oatmeal container, or i have a very large head, because they all just slid right down. i had this basket in my closet, though, so its working for now. my necklaces are on a little board with hooks in it (something youd use for bathtowels, or maybe jackets). i like the way its all working...for now.

monday, day 328

at the grocery store, the kids saw a barrel of nuts, and i was telling them what the different kinds were. we went ahead and bought a small sack full (and a nutcracker), so i could show them how nuts actually look before we buy them already shelled. they had fun with it.

tuesday, day 329

allen and i spent the evening wrapping presents. i'm done with all my shopping; even the stockings! how about you??

wednesday, day 330
colbys been reading these frog and toad books as part of his schoolwork, and loves them! hes actually wanting to read now (most of the time).

thursday, day 331

we had a birthday party this evening at a bowling alley. i only bowled a couple of frames, but i think molly and colby would have both beaten me if i had played a full game. even with the bumpers up i'm just awful.

friday, day 332

allens mom had her christmas party for the kids on friday. shes done halloween the past couple years, but this year the kids asked for christmas. our friends the ogradys went with us, and we spent all afternoon doing crafts, and playing games. she does such a great job.

saturday, day 333

ace is back! he showed up thursday evening and will be with us until he has to go back to the north pole on christmas eve. the kids were so excited to see him.

as i said earlier, i'm officially done with all my christmas shopping. i'm still doing some craft stuff. i have one more set of coasters to make, and i'm hopefully going to finally make my own christmas wreath this week. i also collected a sack of pine cones at my mother in laws house when we were there friday, and i'm going to spray paint those and put them in a bowl or a glass vase somewhere.

on a side note, we went and saw arthur christmas last saturday, and it was a very very good christmas movie if youre looking for something to see with your family.

have a blessed week!!



Your week looked like a good one. Bowling alley birthdays are so much fun. My 10th and 13th were both held in one. Loved the wrapped presents. I am a bit behind this year. I will be there hopefully by this weekend. Loved the mantle groupings of Santa and the elf on the shelf.

The Bug said...

I have to admit that I have evil thoughts in my heart about you being finished with your Christmas gifts :) Not that I have all that much to do, but STILL. Ha!

I really need to do something different with my jewelry. I have a really nice jewelry/lingerie cabinet, but if I never open the drawers I'll never see the jewelry will I?

rita said...

Oh, my! I missed this post way back too! Two or three weeks ago, and you were already done with shopping, wrapping, decorating?! What's wrong with with you? ;)
Frog and Toad--My 14 year old grandson told me this week that way back when, that's all he would read.
I'm glad I came back this far. Am I caught up or not???