Saturday, February 25, 2012

threesixfive, week 8

we had a good week here in central texas, but have been a bit thrown off by the weather. wednesday and thursday it got up to almost 90 degrees, and has been back down in the upper 50s/low 60s with strong winds (which makes it feel colder) since then. my skin is freaking out, and i never know if i should shave my legs or not. :-P

i'm starting beth moores new bible study this week. i'm really looking forward to it.

the kids dug their perler beads out the last part of last week and have been obsessed with them. allen printed off some super mario character bead pictures, and we've been recreating them with what we have. molly asked me to do this one (princess peach) for her. i was pretty proud of myself. of course then we iron them to melt the beads together, and its like 'now what?'


my friend emilie and her husband had a work banquet to go to tuesday night, and their sitter cancelled. she asked if she could bring her girls over (their oldest is one of mollys best friends) for the evening, and we told them of course they could. they were over pretty late and katie fell asleep on allen. i had a flashback to when molly was that little and had to capture the moment.


this is what colby did in his art class this week. hes so good!


we were introduced to a new family activity by some friends of ours; geocaching. they took us on a hunt thursday afternoon, and we found i think 4 in the area where we were. it was really really fun. this is one i found; it was the trickiest of the day. if you want to know what it is go to and check it out. its national and other than an app for your smartphone, which isnt necessary, but extremely helpful, its free!

we inherited some roses when we moved into this house 6 years ago. they look pretty good considering i dont do anything to them!


molly woke up with a sore throat and upset stomach. unfortunately this set-up was advantageous. better my trash can than my couch. :-/

hopefully the illness is short lived and stops with her. she seems fine right now, but she just ate for the first time today, so i may be speaking too soon.
have an excellent week!!

stay warm...or cool as it may be where you are. i'll probably be doing both!


The Bug said...

Wow - that is a fabulous giraffe! You're right - he's good!

Love your roses - so pretty.

Hope Molly is feeling better!

Kim said...

Another great week of photos! I've heard of geocaching and it sounds fun. Wonder if it will ever go international?

We finally did prune our roses after 2-1/2 years. Didn't make that much difference as far as we can tell. They bloomed a lot before, they bloom a lot now. LOL But we sure do enjoy them!

That's an awesome giraffe!

Will pray with you that the sickness stops with Molly, rather than having the dominoes affect!


The roses were gorgeous and I loved the giraffe. Save may be worth a lot of money when he is rich and famous and showing at the Guggenheim in NYC. He has some awesome potential.

rita said...

Great title Mercy Triumphs!
Gorgeous roses, I'm envious.
Artistic talent in the family.
Get well, Molly!

LuAnn said...

pretty roses for noth doing anything with them.

Hope the flu leaves your home soon

Mimi said...

The flu is no fun! I really love the giraffe painting.

Hugs & love,

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Sweet picture of a sleeping little one!

Great painting, love children's art. I had several framed years ago!

I have several friends who geocaching, but we have never done it, sounds interesting!

Great week!