Wednesday, February 15, 2012

colbys latest

as you know, hopefully, colby gave his life to Christ a couple weeks ago.
we were at co-op on friday, and one of the boys in his class gave him a shove on his shoulder or something. i didnt actually see it happen, but i was in the room, and i think the boy was "play fighting", if that makes sense. anyway, colby didnt react at all really; he basically ignored it. his teacher saw this happen and said
ms sheri: thank you for not hitting him back, colby. that was good self control.
colby: (as serious as can be) its because i have the Holy Spirit.
we laughed because it was cute, and so sincere. how can you argue with that?

on saturday, molly and i were out of the house the first part of the day and allen and colby went to sonic for lunch. allen said they were sitting in the car eating and colby said
colby: daddy, i wish they made air fresheners that smelled like sonic food. that'd be awesome!!

we had a graet valentines day evening last night. i may post some pictures of that tomorrow or friday, or i may just wait and post extra pictures with my 365 on saturday. havent decided yet.

be blessed!


LuAnn said...

what a great answer !!!!

sara said...

I love that!!!!