Monday, February 20, 2012

my little songbird

molly sings. a lot.
sometimes she sings actual songs, and sometimes she sings what shes doing.
kind of like opera. or a musical.
she got a cd player for christmas from my mom with a cd of disney princess songs. she knows almost all of them by heart, and earlier today was singing one of them to me in the bathroom while i was getting ready. she couldnt remember the words, so she went to her room to listen to it so she could come back and sing it correctly.
while she was gone, i snuck the camera onto the bathroom counter but she noticed it when she came back and wouldnt sing.
but for whatever reason, she said she would film herself, well, herself. so i showed her which button to push, and she took it in her room and filmed herself singing one of the songs from the movie tangled.
and here it is for your viewing pleasure. shes stinkin cute.


Dawn said...

Love, love, love it!!!

I especially love her expressive little eyebrows.

The Bug said...

She IS stinkin cute :)