Sunday, February 5, 2012

threesixfive, week 5

we had such an exciting week!! colby became my little brother in Christ tuesday night, we just wrapped up disciple now weekend at church (more on that with friday and saturdays pictures), and i'm going to make this quick because we have people over for the superbowl!

i dont know where they heard about it, but molly and colbys new favorite thing to do it plank. molly climed up on the kitchen counter and said, "mommy, come take a picture! i'm planking!"


dentist appointments. :-/


colby gave his heart to Jesus!!! hes been asking questions lately, and wanting to talk about it a lot. when allen got home from a dinner meeting, we talked about it as a family, and prayed together. he was so excited! i took this picture while he was on the phone telling my dad.


we went to chic-fil-a before church, and this is how they spelled my name on the ticket. i've never seen amy spelled this way. very interesting.

colby and molly waiting for swim to start.

its disciple now weekend! i was a co-host for one of the 7th grade girls' houses. we had 174 students in 25 homes this year. it was an amazing weekend.


each group is assigned a mission project to do on saturday. about half are for widows and elderly within our church body, and the rest are projects we get thru our local serving center for people in the community. we we given the task of pulling up and rebuilding a single mom's patio. we also mowed her lawn, pulled the weeds, and planted some flowers in her flower bed.

have a blessed week!!!



I am so proud of your son. How awesome that is. I love d-now weeekends. I loved working them. It was so exciting to have a hand in sharing the Word with youth.

sara said...

so excited for colby and for YOU. "I know no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. 3rd John 1:4"

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Very exciting for your boy!

Great week!

Watching all the youth serving others is such a good thing. Anytime they can be in situation where the world does not revolve around them is a good thing...


The Bug said...

What a most excellent fulfilling week! I'm sure that single mom really appreciated all the work on her yard.