Tuesday, April 17, 2012

all about girls

just a couple of things i've had the pleasure of hearing over the last few days thanks to my matter-of-fact, tell it like it is daughter....

we had one of the former youth groupers come through town, and she wanted to come by and visit with her new baby (3 weeks old and precious!!!). i was telling colby and molly about her and who she was, etc, before she came over.
me: her name is ms jessi and she has a brand new baby.
colby: is it a boy baby or a girl baby?
me: i seem to remember daddy saying its a boy, but i could be wrong. it could be a girl.
molly: i think its a boy baby.
me: why do you think its a boy?
molly: because girls babies aren't very useful.
me: what?!? why aren't girl babies useful.
molly: we just don't know a lot of girl babies. all the babies we know are boys, so the girl ones aren't very useful to us.

...it would seem 'useful' needs to be better explained to my 5 year old.
it would also seem that she doesn't truly feel that way, because that baby was indeed a girl, and i assure you, molly couldn't get enough of her.

this morning, we were working on school and we heard our birds chirping outside (the ones that make a nest every year above our front door and spend 4 months pooping on my porch). the kids got up and ran to the door to see what was going on.
colby: the mommy bird is looking for food
molly: no thats the daddy bird. the mommy is sitting on the nest.
colby: how do you know thats the mommy?
molly: because she has eyelashes.

then they got into quite a complicated discussion about eyelashes and eyebrows, and i don't even know. i stopped trying to keep up.
i did hear molly emphatically state that "eyebrows don't count!!"

seriously. where does she come up with this stuff?


Dawn said...

Love it!

The Bug said...

I love how sure she is of her "knowledge." She'll make a fine politician someday - ha!