Sunday, April 8, 2012

threesixfive, week 14

i hope you had a blessed Resurrection Day with your family!
we had a fun and exciting week; lots of little extras going on.
i'll get right to pictures...

a methodist church about half an hour away did a thing called Journey to the Cross on sunday afternoon. its a guided tour through the important events in the life of Jesus. it was a cool way to head into Easter week.

i finally made something with my sewing machine!!! they're just tea towels, but still. yay me!

i confess to this picture not being taken tuesday, but i didn't have another one! my kids and their silly socks (this is what they wore to church wednesday night).

allen gave me tickets to Straight No Chaser for Christmas, and the concert was (finally) wednesday night!! they were so so good! we had a great time!

on of the girls that graduated out of our youth ministry several years ago bought her first house a couple weeks back, and invited us to come see it. she's very musical and molly loved this pink ukulele brittany had in her adorable new home.

allen and i had a wedding rehearsal to go to, but the dinner reservation was much later than we anticipated, so we left after the rehearsal and stopped at this food trailer in austin on the way home. delicious!

allen officiated a wedding at a beautiful country club in austin. the wedding was on the veranda overlooking the 18th hole on the golf course. i loved the colors this bride chose for her wedding. it was all gorgeous.

on a side note, this is the results (partly) of something else i did this weekend. :-) you're looking at roughly ten and a half inches of my hair, which i was able to donate to locks of love after my hairdresser chopped it off! i'll post a picture of the 'new do' with next weeks 365. i love it.


Dawn said...

What a fun week! And, I love your new do!!!

sara said...

it is awesome to be back!!!!

your kids and their socks cracked me up!! love it!

the set up for the wedding was beautiful!!! Those flower petals look amazing!

that is A LOT of hair!! Can't wait to see the new cut!

The Bug said...

Love all your pictures - I'll bet that wedding was gorgeous.

Can't wait to see your new hair! I've thought about donating mine - but I have two stikes against me: they don't take dyed hair AND they don't take hair that has gray in it (although I think I'll go back to make sure because my hair's getting pretty long).

RaD said...

That is a lot of hair! Way to go!