Saturday, April 14, 2012

threesixfive, week 15

hello all! we had a great week.
i'll let the pictures do the talking.

happy resurrection day! the first pic is the obligatory "you have new outfits, please pose sweetly in them". the second was the highlight for our family on this day. colby was baptized by allen and my dad in front of our friends and family at church sunday morning! what a sweet celebration.

i went in to give molly a kiss before allen and i went to bed, and this is how i found her.

ok, so this was taken last weekend, but its the cutest picture i have of my new haircut, so this is the one i decided to share with you. I've had moments of 'oh no, what have i done?!?' but i really do like it.

mom took the kids and i to dinner before church tonight. molly arm wrestled grammie while they waited for the food.

I've been spending some quality time with these beauties lately. i'm doing my first 5K next saturday, and met a friend this evening to train. we did 3.15 miles in about 38 minutes. not too shabby.

my parents closest friends got together for a going away party. everyone played 5 rounds of 21 and the 3 people with the highest scores got to pick a prize. i was a loser. as far as the going away party; dad took a job at a new church up in rowlett (about 3 hours north) and will be leaving our church on may 6th after 17 years. its gonna be tough not having them here all the time. :-/

there was an event at the church for the kids this morning. colby worked hard to help his team win the tug o' war.

have a blessed weekend!


The Bug said...

What a cute Easter shot - and how cool to be Baptized on Easter! Sorry your parents are moving away :(

LOVE your hair! Wow, if I thought mine would look that cute I'd totally chop it all off!

Lisa said...

Yay for Colby...what a big step!

The kids look so sweet in their new outfits.

You are braver than I chopping your wear it well!

sara said...

love the picture of colby getting baptized!! As I am putting together Jared's slide show for graduation, I just found the pictures of him being precious.

I think your hair is adorable!!!!

Kim said...

It's such a blessing to see our children baptized!

Sad to see your parents move... but glad it's only three hours away!

Your haircut is ADORABLE!

Have a wonderful week :)


Love the kids in their outfits and the one of sleeping beauty in her bat girl mask. Your hair is adorable!

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

What an extra special Easter sunday for you!

Great haircut!

Those shoes look really comfortable. I have been doing some walking but I find that I dont have the right shows. I think mine are too small. Eventually I will get some new ones but I plan on wearing these out before I spend money on a new pair.