Sunday, April 29, 2012

threesixfive, week 17

we had a fun week. allen left tuesday to fly to atlanta for the orange conference, and was gone till friday night. the kids and i found plenty to keep us busy while he was gone.

i was helping colby brush his teeth, and i looked down and saw a tooth in the sink!! i had knocked it out while i was brushing and he had spit it out! he didn't even know it was loose! we got a kick out of it to say the least.

this came in the mail!! i love victorias secret. i want a pair of their university sweat pants. they look so comfy!

allen left super early this morning for the conference. these were delivered later in the afternoon. he's so sweet. i love that man.

the younger kids at awanas had their race tonight. they don't make pine cars like the older kids do, but they get to bring a matchbox car from home and theres a special track they get to race them on. mollys car won every race. i guess she picked a good one!

a group from our homeschool co-op went to the zoo in waco. my parents and grandparents came too. it was SO crowded, making it hard to keep our group of 30 together, so after about an hour we separated and continued on our own. we had a great afternoon, and enjoyed a picnic lunch together as a family.

i read to the kids out of Matthew during school (what you have done unto the least of these, you have done to me), and we followed it up with making bags for the homeless. we assembled 15 bags and were able to deliver 4 of them that evening. i'll keep this basket by the door so we can grab it to take with us if we're driving into austin where we'd have the opportunity to give them out.

my theatre class's performance was this afternoon. they did a great job. i was very very proud of them!

and thats our week!! i don't know about where you're at, but its hot enough here that we just might hit the pool one day this week if time allows. i'm ready for summer!!

have a great week!


sara said...

so funny about the tooth!!! Glad it didn't go down the drain!

love the idea of the bags for the homeless!

The Bug said...

Aww flowers - he's a keeper :)

Love the basket of things for the homeless - what a great idea!