Sunday, May 20, 2012

threesixfive, week 20

well, i made good on my promise and posted mid week; a story about colby. check it out. its a good one. :-). I've got one about molly i'll try to get up this week.
my birthday was wednesday, so it was a busy week of celebrating. i have some great pictures!!

happy mothers day to my sweet momma! for the past few years i've given her my blog book from the previous year. its an easy go to gift and she loves it.

one of our youth and our sweet sweet babysitter, ms sara, came over or dinner monday night. she brought me a birthday gift from her and her family; this awesome cookbook! it has fancy 'foodie' food in it, and i can't wait to whip some of these recipes up! sorry the picture is sideways. :-/

me and two of my best girlfriends went to dinner at my new favorite restaurant in austin. for dessert, a chocolate almond raspberry torte. comped for my b-day!

my mom offered to watch the kids for a few hours so i could have a little time to myself. i decided to go kayaking on town lake in austin--something I've always said i want to do, but I've never gone down there and done it. i love kayaking, and lake austin is beautiful. it was perfect weather for an hour on the water.

with only a week left of swim school before we take off for the summer, colby graduated!!!! he can swim the freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke, and is now eligible to be evaluated for swim team!! so proud of my little man, and he was SO proud of himself!

i told allen for my birthday present, i wanted to go to sea world with the kiddos, so my mom put some money towards it as well, and friday we spent the day riding rides, watching shows, getting splashed, and walking....lots and lots of walking.

molly had her dance recital saturday evening. no flash photography is allowed during the performance, so i had to get all my pictures taken beforehand. here she is in her tap costume. she did an excellent job!!

my mom has been staying with us for the last couple weeks while she finished up her school year here in round rock. tomorrow she heads up to rowlett for good. :-( her and dad still haven't found a house. they've made offers on a couple, but nothing has panned out yet. keep them in your prayers if you think of it.
I'm hoping to wrap up school this week, as our summer officially kicks of next monday with a trip to the beach followed by the crazy busiest summer we've probably ever had!!

have a fantastic week, and check back in a few days for a funny molly story!

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The Bug said...

Wow your mom looks great! Two pretty ladies in that picture. Hope they find a house soon.

Sounds like a great birthday week for you.

Love the picture of Cody - he's so cute! So is Molly in her dance outfit.