Sunday, May 6, 2012

threesixfive, week 18

its been a very full week. i'll get right to the pictures.

colby's been creating things again. :-) this time with some kinects (i think thats what they're called) allen gave him a couple months ago. they've been all over his room for days. he was particularly proud of this one.

i got this recipe off pinterest. its blueberry maple refrigerator oatmeal. there are several different recipes for whatever suits your fancy; i also made mango almond. i know it doesnt look very appetizing, but its quite yummy, and healthy to boot.

mollys been taking baths again so she can practice her breathing for swim school. i laughed when i walked in and saw this. she was obviously working very hard....

awana derby race night. colby was going to do a mario (as in super mario brothers) car, but he couldnt find his mario character to glue to the top, after he'd already painted the white M on the hood. he decided to glue his marvel squinkies to the top instead. he didn't win anything, but there was marked improvement from last year, so we were all happy with that.

we went to the express game with some friends, and swam in the pool. i neglected to take a picture while we were there, but snapped this one on our way out when the kids stopped to check out the fire truck in the parking lot.

our homeschool co-op had a end of year party with a young scholars exhibit, lunch, and games. we were there for 4 hours, and the kids were sufficiently exhausted when we left.

this is dads last weekend at our church after 17 years of leading worship. he will be leading worship, starting next sunday, at a church in rowlett, which is about 3 hours north of us. its absolutely what the Lord wants for them, but it will be a tough transition as i've never been more than 20 minutes from my parents. saturday night there was a big going away celebration service in his honor. this is a blurry picture taken with allens phone, but its all i got. this was the very last song of the night, and colby and molly ran up onstage and sang on my moms microphone with her. thats them towards the back. they're the short ones. :-)

so, an emotional weekend to say the least. dad led his last worship service at central this morning, and will head up to the new church tomorrow afternoon.
moms finishing up her job here, and will join him in a few weeks (she teaches sign language a couple days a week, so has to finish the school year). she's staying with us until then.
they've sold their house here, praise the Lord, but are still looking for something up there. dad will stay with friends in that area until they get settled.

allen and i leave wednesday to go to a conference in the dallas area. we went last year, and it was amazing, so we're super excited to go again!!
i won't have my pictures up until probably monday or tuesday next week.

have a great week and mothers day next weekend!!!

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sara said...

wow a busy week for you too!!!

and very emotional...praying for you parents as they transition into a new ministry and for your church too.