Sunday, May 27, 2012

threesixfive, week 21

our school year is officially over!! unofficially we'll continue through the summer, but we'll just do reading (which we should all be doing anyway, i believe), and grammar. i've been pouring over curriculum websites and reviews all week (definitely not the most exciting thing I've ever done) trying to decide what to use next year when i have two kiddos to teach with a grade level between them.
my brain shut down last night around 9pm, and hasn't been functioning at full capacity since then.
tomorrow we leave for 4 days at the beach with a group of our 12th graders, so i'm definitely looking forward to a few days of no schedule or agenda.

here are the pictures from our week!

games with daddy after church and lunch.

our last week of school was pretty light, so even though monday is our busiest day of the week, we had a couple hours at the end of the day to go swimming. the neighborhood pool we usually go to is closed on mondays, so we drove to the next town north and went swimming at the blue hole; a dammed up area of the san gabriel river. its neither blue nor a hole, but its cold and wet and free, so they can call it what they want.

i made these!!! they're capri length 'yoga pants'. i am beyond proud of myself! i used two of allen tshirts (one for the legs, and one for the fold over waistband). yes, i made an article of clothing that fits, and i would actually not be embarrassed to wear in public. woohoo! this is where i got the instructions if you're interested.

the kids enjoyed the blue hole, but still wanted to go to a real pool, so wednesday after school and lunch we sent for a few hours. we all came home a little pinker than we left.

the preschool at RRCA (which meets at our church) had their end of year party thursday afternoon, a 'drive-in movie". the kids all made cars and 'drove' them to the youth building where they parked and watched a movie on the projectors. since allen let them use the youth building, we were invited to come as well.

we hadn't gone to the library in forever, so friday afternoon we made a trip and got about 15 books, plus a few movies. that should last us till we get back from the beach next week!

one of colby and mollys friends had his birthday party, so the whole crew got together for an afternoon at the pool. colbys second from the right and mollys third form the left.

i just realized we went from not swimming at all to three days in one week, plus they had their last swim school day thursday, so technically they swam 4 out of 7 days.
then they'll be in the ocean monday thru thursday.
i'm getting pruney just thinking about it!

have a great week!!
enjoy your first week of summer vacation (for those of you to whom that applies)!!


sara said...

my mom and her sister used to swim at blue hole when they were young!!

I love swimming weather!!

The Bug said...

Love your yoga pants. I GUESS I could use Mike's shirts for pants for me - if I used one whole shirt for each leg - ha!

I haven't been swimming in FOREVER. We didn't go on our beach trip - still just a little too cool for my taste. Well, the day we went to Savannah would have worked, but we weren't at the beach then :)

Kim said...

Looks like a fun week! Great job on the yoga pants. Very cute :)

I'm not sure why I had trouble, but I couldn't just click on the link on Sara's blog. I had to go to the comments section, click on your name, which brought up your profile page and then I clicked on your blog link and FINALLY got here :) I wonder if there's some sort of block because I'm overseas?