Saturday, July 7, 2012

threesixfive, week 27

back to camp for a week. this time with allen being the camp pastor, 
and we had the kiddos in tow. ryan, allens youth intern, went with us 
so he could shadow allen and help out during the week.

we left for camp zephyr as soon as church was over and we
grabbed some lunch.i was trying to get a picture of the three of 
them working on their respective projects, but molly caught me 
and decided to....pose.

the sign of a true PK; they can keep themselves entertained 
waiting for a service to start. leapfrog anyone?

we found this little guy near our room and kept an eye on 
him all week. by the time we left, he had formed a chrysalis. 
i would've loved to see what kind of butterfly he becomes.

4th of July late night event! i let the kids stay up for this one. 
there was a bubble machine, lots of different games, roasted 
corn, and of course fireworks.

the kids were absolutely zapped after a week of hot days and 
late nights. i couldn't resist capturing this moment. let be noted 
that when they're trying to fall asleep, molly alerts me if colbys 
even remotely close to touching her.

another sleeping picture; this one on the way home.
i told you they were exhausted.

we went to our city's "market day" and picked up some 
goodies. fresh basil, tomatoes, and a 'grow your own 
mushroom' kit. 

its so good to be home. colby has kids kamp starting 
monday--his first year to go!
molly and i will take advantage of the girl time while he's 
gone during the day. 
other than that we have a pretty mellow week ahead.

be blessed!!


Kim said...

hahaha Those photos of the kids napping are too cute! Mine were the same way.

Don't blame them, though; I'm exhausted just reading about your week! :)

Hope you and Molly enjoy a good week of girl time together :)


I love all the kids and camp pictures. You had a very busy week it seems. The two children sleeping is precious. Nice looking tomatoes too. Have a great week.

sara said...

I miss going to camp with my kids at family camp! I think the picture of the kids sleeping is a pretty perfect "blackmail" picture! ha!!!

Enjoy the week with your girl!

LuAnn said...

Camp looks like fun. You will have to let us know how the mushroom growing does too.

rita said...

Summer camps are precious memories of my growing up years--beautiful places, great friendships, awesome spiritual lessons, on and on.
Great week!
Have another good and quieter one.

The Bug said...

Ooh - *I* want to grow my own mushrooms!

The kids are too cute all sacked out. I'd like to sack out - I need to start getting to bed earlier!