Sunday, July 15, 2012

threesixfive, week 28

hi everyone!
sorry I'm getting this up a bit later than usual. our cable and internet has been out since last night and just came back up this afternoon.
its rained here pretty much every day this week, which made it interesting for kids camp, where colby was from monday thru thursday from 830 to 330. they managed though; just had to take cover a few times. molly and i took advantage of colbys absence and had lots of girly playmates.
allens birthday was saturday, but we had a birthday party for a little boy and i had a wedding shower, so it was really just kind of an average saturday. 
it was a good week to be around here without a lot of stuff pressing for our time.
we have another low-key week this week, and allen leaves next sunday for mission trip to georgia. i think the kids and i may go up and see my parents for a few days that week. its still to be determined.

time for pictures...

colby was called up to help with the music in kids252.

a very windy storm blew thru monday evening. we got out to run an errand after dinner and saw this as we got into the car to leave. one of allens friends came later to help him get it back down, but they ended having to wait till the next day when he could get a little more man power. not sure the trampoline is usable anymore. we haven't had a chance to try it yet because of the weather.

this greenbelt is out next to our house (one house over, actually), and is usually bone dry. this is what its looked like most of the week.

mollys friend avery came over for the afternoon. they asked if they could have a tea party, but neither of them like tea, so it was actually a water party.

a friend of ours was cleaning out a closet and found this picture in one of her books. i guess one of us had borrowed it and used the picture for a bookmark. i put it on the fridge. i love that little face.

the kids and i went to REI to get allens birthday gift; a pair of sanook flip flops. theres a cool little play area the kids hang out in whenever i go in there to get anything.

my parents were in town and took us to breakfast for allens birthday. my mom showed colby and molly how to leg wrestle.

its still raining here, even as i type this. its supposed to rain thru tuesday. not that I'm complaining. we certainly need it!!
have a great week, and if you're a local, try to stay dry!!!


sara said...

I LOVE the picture of your mom teaching the kids to leg wrestle...that is the kind of grandma I want to be!!! :)

Please send the rain here, but the time it gets to AR, it only lasts a few minutes and we need so much more!!!

The Bug said...

I love that last picture too - that's the kind of grandma (& mother) my mom was.

Sorry about the trampoline!

rita said...

And your mom has a tattoo, right?
I haven't gotten there yet, but my kids made up for it ;-)
It's raining here as i read about your rainy week and we are VERY grateful.


Love the pictures. The trampoline on the fence was frightening. Good thing no one was close by. I wish you could have sent us some of that rain. I finally gave up on what I called a garden.