Sunday, July 22, 2012

threesixfive, week 29

our week flew by before i even knew what happened!
allen left this morning for youth mission trip to sugar hill, GA, so the kids and i are going to see my parents for a few days.

here are our pictures this week.

epic fail. no picture.

i bought this bag cheap at ross last week. I've had the same messenger style purse for about a year and a half, and its a clearance rack target bag, so at this point its definitely seen better days.
i like having the option of wearing my bag/purse on my body, especially when I'm on a day trip with the kids or someone. this is a backpack purse, and after about a week of carrying, I'm sold. its fabulous. i don't know that i'll ever carry a "normal" purse again, unless I'm getting fancy for something. this had been a great 'everyday' bag.

we went to sea world with some friends. their older daughter is one of mollys best friends. we were there all day. we had a great time, though. it was a lot of fun being there with another family.

so....the mushrooms aren't doing so well. its taken 2 weeks (we were supposed to have significant, enough to eat growth in about ten days) and this is all we've gotten; one sad pitiful little floret. is that the right word??
I'm going to send an email and a picture to the company, and cross my fingers that they'll send us another box. after what we spent on this thing, i want some mushrooms, dang it.

mardel had 20% off all their education stuff, so i went and loaded up. having to get stuff for both kids this year (mollys starting kindergarten) about put me over the edge. i survived though, and made it out with just about everything i need without putting us in the poor house. barely.

then i spent the better part of the day friday working on getting my lesson plans written up and the first month of worksheets, projects, coloring pages, etc, filed away so they're ready when we need them.

we took colby to have him evaluated for swim team. he graduated from the swim school in may, but they haven't participated in anything this summer because we've been gone so much. not 100% sure yet if he'll swim in the fall. team is a whole other ball game than just going once a week for school. but we did what we needed to do to get him evaluated and see where he'll be should we decide to commit.

heading north for a few days. have a blessed week!!!


rita said...

Have a great week with parents/grandparents!

sara said...

I always love a new purse!!!

I am so curious about those mushrooms!!! I'd like to know what the company says!!

skoots1mom said...

putting together lesson plans takes a lot of time; congrats on getting it done!
hooray for his swimming!
enjoy your trip

Kim said...

Your post brought back memories of buying school books and making those lesson plans :)

It is fun doing things with other families; my kids always enjoyed it when other kids were part of the mix.

Hope you have a great week!

The Bug said...

Love that bag! I've tried using a backpack style bag a few times, but I always want to have access to it while I'm walking (getting my keys/sunglasses & such).

Sorry about the mushrooms - hope you hear good news from the company!