Sunday, July 29, 2012

threesixfive, week 30

hi everyone! i seem to be consistently getting these up on sunday instead of saturday. i need to work on that....
allen was gone all week to sugar hill, GA on a world changers mission trip with a large group of our students. i took the kids to my parents for a few days, and the day after we got home molly got sick, so i spent the rest of the week on the couch with her. let me tell you, its no fun being a single parent with a sick kid when you have a perfectly healthy kid cooped up in the house going stir crazy!! I'm so grateful for my sweet friends, zach and april, for letting me take colby over to their house yesterday afternoon so he could play with their boys, and not sit in front of the t.v. for a 3rd day! its hard to send him to his room to play when the t.v.'s on while mo and i are parked on the couch. sheesh. needless to say, i was SO glad when allen got home yesterday evening.
with all that going on, i still managed to get a picture each day! yay me!

my parents cute new house in rowlett. i took a bunch of pictures of the inside. i may get those up this week for those of you that know them and are interested; my mom is such a good decorator.

we went to the bass pro shop and had a scavenger hunt. my mom made a list of things we had to take pictures of, and i was a team with molly, and dad and colby were a team. molly and my dad, however, were perfectly content to just hang out on the camp massage recliners.

we took the kids to hobby lobby to pick out a craft project. colby picked a model airplane (his first), but he wanted papaws help with it, so he didn't get to do his project until that evening.

the kids' dentist office is having a contest for the furthest and/or most creative place to take a picture brushing your teeth, so i stopped at the texas state fairgrounds on our way out of town and got this shot. allen had an idea, too, so this may not be the one we submit for the contest, but its still cute. :-)
for those of you that aren't from texas, this is an iconic texas symbol; the big blue ferris wheel.

our friends the welch's just adopted a guinea pig, and invited us over to meet her. she's super cute, and friendly. the kids loved her. on a side note, this is when i noticed molly was running a fever. it went from normal to about 101 or 102 on the twenty minute drive to their house.

this was how the rest of thursday, friday, and saturday looked for us...and sunday (today), too for that matter. she got up to 104.2 at one point, and just sleeps on the couch all day. no other symptoms. my friend who's a pediatric nurse practitioner says its probably just a nasty virus. I'm hoping she's almost through it, bless her heart.

yay!!! allens home!!!!! tired, tan, and hairy. i like him with a beard, but he says its coming off. no one in their right mind has a full beard in texas in august.

pray for my sweet girl. she's ready to be healthy, and I'm ready for her to be healthy, too!! we're done with all the events and traveling for the summer. we'll start school in about two weeks.
enjoy the last few weeks of your summer!!
check back here for pictures of my parents house in the next few days of you're interested.

be blessed!


sara said...

Molly didn't look completely into the teeth brushing at the fair....if I didn't know she was sick the next day, I would say it was because you made her brush her teeth instead of getting a corn dog!!! :)

My kids used to get "fever virus" a lot. Praying she feels better soon!!

Kim said...

Pobrecita! Will definitely pray for Molly.

Other than her getting sick, though, looks like y'all had a pretty good week!

skoots1mom said...

Sugar Hill is just up the road from us.
So sorry to hear your girl's been ill...hope she's much better
i love going to Bass Pro

The Bug said...

Poor kiddo. Hopefully by now she's back to 100% (or her usual 120% - ha).

Allen DOES look good with a beard. Tell him to grow it back in November :)