Sunday, November 4, 2012

threesixfive, week 44

i was going to post this earlier, but i broke my coffee pot this morning while getting ready for church (an already hectic event with out adding sweeping up glass to the mix), and then this afternoon we were scrambling around trying to get everything together for the kids' birthday party which was today at 3:00. this is really the first chance ive had to sit down all day.
here are the pics from the week.

daddy and molly in the hammock. this has become their "thing", and the weather in the evenings has been great for it.

termites were eating a section of our fence, so allen tore it down and rebuilt it. he is much man.

i made a fresh batch of laundry detergent today. this whole jar cost me about $15 and will last almost an entire year. i just ran out of the batch i made at the end of november last year.

heres a link to my laundry recipe since i had several requests for it in the comments section. although i think i contacted all of you with a link, i'll put it here too just in case.

happy halloween! colby was harry potter, and molly went as a gypsy.

we went to a carnival here in town with our friends the o'gradys. colby and evan were tall enough to ride the BIG rides with the dads.

the last day of early voting, so the kids and i went after co-op. i stood in line for an hour and a half. sheesh. however, the kids were SO patient and understanding, for which i was extremely grateful.

more soccer games. allen coached colbys team (and did a fantastic job!!) because his coach was out of town. molly scored her first goal!!!!! yay!!

thats our week. my parents and grandma were here friday and saturday, and the kids' birthday party was this afternoon (pictures of that next week!). 
ive been eating chocolate like its the only thing available to me in the whole wide world. ugh. i hate hormones.
tomorrow is a new day, and i shall eat vegetables. or at least buy some at the store.....

have a great one!!
be blessed.


rita said...

Cute little gypsy and Harry P!
Great batch of laundry detergent. Need to start making my own.
Have a good week y'all!

Lori said...

What concoction do you use for your detergent? I've come across a couple.

sara said...

I almost couldn't read any farther after you said you broke your coffee pot! A TRAGIC event in my eyes!!! :)

I LOL about the exact thought this morning!!!

will you share the recipe for your laundry detergent?


Would you share the laundry detergent recipe. That looks great...and lasting almost a whole year...for 15.00 I am all about saving money.

The Bug said...

Oh that little Harry Potter is too cute (Molly is cute too - but Harry melted me - ha!). His friend looks like he could be a Weasley :)

I've been eating chocolate like crazy too. Sigh. But I did eat a salad today for lunch!

P.S. We didn't get nearly as many kids as usual this year - & Mike was VERY generous with the ones we got so we didn't end up with too much leftover candy.