Sunday, November 11, 2012

threesixfive, week 45

with the exception of the kids' birthday party on sunday, we had a pretty low key week. we kept to our typical schedule, and then spent most afternoons at home. all the kids are interested in doing right now is playing with their birthday toys.

party day!! colbys birthday was oct 28, and mollys is nov 8, so they had one party with about 30 kids, plus parents. it was a bit hectic, but loads of fun. we went to a great park and had a nature hunt.

ive been all about candles lately. i think im craving holiday smells because its definitely NOT feeling like fall outside. maybe i can trick my nose into thinking otherwise.
allen came home with this for me! i have a pumpkin spice one i'll finish out, and then can use this one just in time for the christmas season.

colby and molly have been working on these reading logs. 6 hours gets them a ticket to six flags in the spring. we're almost there!

we gave molly a razor scooter for her birthday, so wednesday i took them to the park for a couple hours so she could break it in.

happy 6th birthday to my sweet princess!! she picked schlotzsky's for lunch, then we went to see wreck-it ralph (SO cute!!). for dinner we went a little bit nicer and took her to bj's, a new restaraunt that opened a couple months ago. thats a giant cookie with ice cream shes enjoying for dessert. it was a fun, laid back birthday.

we got our operation christmas child boxes assembled this week.

we went to a gender reveal party for some friends of ours. the pinata broke open to reveal a bunch of pink candy! its a girl!!!

hope you had a great week and are staying warm where you are. hopefully that applies to you. if so, please send some our way! 


sara said...

Oh what I would give right now for a quiet, laid back week!!!

Happy Birthday to your kiddos!!! I love that they shared their party together!

yay for reading!!!

skoots1mom said...

razors are fun; my girl had one...some of the kids still use them at college

The Bug said...

I think gender reveal parties are so cool. I'm glad the kids had a nice party - and now I'm craving Molly's dessert :)

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

I love candles!!

It's awesome that you fill operation christmas child boxes. What a great tradition to do with your kiddos.


I love Operation Christmas Child it is a great project. I am also loving the gender reveal fun are they?