Sunday, November 18, 2012

threesixfive, week 46

this week flew by before i even realized what happened! i guess thats a good thing. i've been working on our latest project for most of the week, and its kind of been more trouble than its worth, but i think its going to be finished today. i'm hoping the finished project brings me back to my decorating happy place.

we had our very first FX (Family eXperience) in Hwy252 on sunday. allen was captain cooperation, and did an excellent job. unfortunately i didnt get a better picture of him. maybe one will make it on here sooner or later. i'm sure he'll be making future appearances.

ok, so i didnt take this picture on monday, but i did buy this at the store on monday, and it is delicious. i love all things pumpkin.

with christmas quickly approaching, my mailbox has been inundated with toy catalogs. most of them have managed to make it into the recycling bin before the kids spotted them, but these have been lurking around my kitchen with things marked, dog-eared, and labeled for my convenience.

my project. sigh. i saw a cute laundry room on pinterest im trying to duplicate in my tiny closet of a laundry room. like i said earlier, i think the finished product will be fine, but the paint has been such a hassle. i wont bore you with the saga, but just know ive been to lowes three times in as many days to get it right (not because i'm being fickle, but because they're messin' up my paint!). there are still issues, but i refuse to paint those walls a fourth time. :-/

making progress.....
can you tell the paint is a little different in this picture?

my sweet friend april's birthday was friday. the four of us went out for a fun evening to celebrate.

molly had a princess tea party to go to for her friend audrey's birthday. such a cute idea.

i'm about to go paint. some more.
hopefully i'll have happy, pretty pictures of my fabulous tiny laundry room next week. oh, and thanksgiving stuff, too. :-)
enjoy your families this week!!!!


The Cyber Hermit said...

Good luck with the painting project! I remember painting several rooms in our house and while the end result was worth it, there were times where I seriously wondered why I was doing it :).

sara said...

I had planned to be painting 2 weeks ago and then Kayley got that is still on my to do list. I have 3 rooms I need to paint...ugh.

Can't wait to see your finished pictures!!!


I love all things pumpkin too. I will have to find the sugar free creamer...yummmmm

The Bug said...

I do NOT have the home-improvement gene, which since we rent is probably just as well - ha! But I'll be interested to see the finished product. And yes, I can tell the difference in the paint.

I love the catalogs with their markers - so cute. I can just imagine what kinds of things they want :)

rita said...

Reminds me of the huge old Sears catalogs we wore out w/ wishing.