Saturday, November 24, 2012

threesixfive, week 47

i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!!! i'm still carrying a food baby. :-/ i need to visit the gym badly. it'll have to wait until monday.
we finished our laundry room monday night, and then left tuesday morning to spend the rest of the week with my family in the north/east texas area.

these buckets are now in the laundry room, but they spent a few days on the couch. i found molly crammed into one sunday afternoon reading a book; and in her snow white dress no less.

heres a shot of the mostly finished laundry room, or should i say laundry closet. the walls are kind of a grayish green (its still not the exact same color all over, but eh, its the laundry room closet. the door you see there leads out to the garage, and is now a nice shiny black, as is the back of the other door that you cant see, because im standing in it. the black bucket is for me to toss dirty kitchen towels in to be washed later, and the silver one is to throw the recycling in, instead of piling it on the dryer as we've been doing for a year. all in all im very happy with it.

we got to my parents house around 5:00 tuesday. they wanted to take us to a place near them called the harbor. its an area of restaurants mostly (a few shops), and a boardwalk. the kids took their scooters and rode around after dinner.

speaking of scooters, molly wanted to ride around in the neighborhood wednesday afternoon. i decided it would probably be easier to ride with her (i took colbys scooter) rather than try to keep up walking. little did i know we'd stay out for an hour. that was my work out for the day.

happy thanksgiving!! we went out to mt pleasant where i have a lot of family on my dads side. theres a big family reunion every other year. i took a lot of pictures, which i'll post in the next couple days. i will preview this, so maybe you'll come back to see 78 year old grandma got on the rope swing they have rigged up on a crane. it swings out over a creek about 30 feet up in the air. too funny.

on the way home we stopped at homestead heritage in elm mott. its a community that lives off the land in every sense of the word. they have a big festival every year on thanksgiving weekend. heres colby with one of the 4 week old blue silkies they had in the animal pen.

i cant tell you how excited i am to be able to listen to christmas music!!!!! i wont allow myself to indulge until after thanksgiving. i went on to my iTunes today and put all 75 of my christmas songs back on my iPod for the season! yay!!

check back in a couple of days for all the thanksgiving craziness. 
seriously. grandma on a rope swing, y'all.

be blessed!!



Loved all the shots....looks like you had a busy week.

The Bug said...

Love Molly in a bucket! I have a picture of myself (a bit younger than Molly) sitting in a bucket. No one knows why. Maybe there isn't a reason?

Your laundry closet looks great! I wish I could use the bucket idea, but our washer & dryer are in the kitchen & there isn't room. Sigh.

I will DEFINITELY be back to see your grandma on a rope!

rita said...

So, how old is this grandma on a rope? ;-)

You discovered a new favorite exercise equipment?