Sunday, April 29, 2012

threesixfive, week 17

we had a fun week. allen left tuesday to fly to atlanta for the orange conference, and was gone till friday night. the kids and i found plenty to keep us busy while he was gone.

i was helping colby brush his teeth, and i looked down and saw a tooth in the sink!! i had knocked it out while i was brushing and he had spit it out! he didn't even know it was loose! we got a kick out of it to say the least.

this came in the mail!! i love victorias secret. i want a pair of their university sweat pants. they look so comfy!

allen left super early this morning for the conference. these were delivered later in the afternoon. he's so sweet. i love that man.

the younger kids at awanas had their race tonight. they don't make pine cars like the older kids do, but they get to bring a matchbox car from home and theres a special track they get to race them on. mollys car won every race. i guess she picked a good one!

a group from our homeschool co-op went to the zoo in waco. my parents and grandparents came too. it was SO crowded, making it hard to keep our group of 30 together, so after about an hour we separated and continued on our own. we had a great afternoon, and enjoyed a picnic lunch together as a family.

i read to the kids out of Matthew during school (what you have done unto the least of these, you have done to me), and we followed it up with making bags for the homeless. we assembled 15 bags and were able to deliver 4 of them that evening. i'll keep this basket by the door so we can grab it to take with us if we're driving into austin where we'd have the opportunity to give them out.

my theatre class's performance was this afternoon. they did a great job. i was very very proud of them!

and thats our week!! i don't know about where you're at, but its hot enough here that we just might hit the pool one day this week if time allows. i'm ready for summer!!

have a great week!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

threesixfive, week 16

i hope you had a great week!! we certainly did!

we kicked off our new program for K-4th graders called kids252. theres a fun activity of some sort to set up the lesson, followed by a bible story and worship before they go to their grade level small groups. they had a great time!

daddy made the kids a fun and inventive dinner. i couldn't get the picture turned the right way. tilt your head to the left. see the ice cream cone?

after dinner we went out to the ballpark to watch a bit of the game and walk around.

i'm running my first 5K saturday!! i had to go to austin to pick up my race bib.

i've finally started my spring wreath for my front door. it will instead be a summer wreath.

we got these back today. not a very exciting picture, but its the best i could do. sorry.

yay for completing my first 5K! i ran the diva dash in austin with 2 friends from church. its a 5K trail run with obstacles (jumping over barricades, climbing a rope wall, water hurdles, balance beam, etc). i ran it in just over 40 minutes. i was very proud of myself and can't wait to do another one! allen brought the kids out so they could cheer me on and meet me at the finish line.

i have a busy week all leading up to my theatre class's spring performance on saturday afternoon. i have a lot to get done, so i don't imagine this weeks pictures will be terribly exciting, but you never know what may pop up during the week!

have a good one!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

all about girls

just a couple of things i've had the pleasure of hearing over the last few days thanks to my matter-of-fact, tell it like it is daughter....

we had one of the former youth groupers come through town, and she wanted to come by and visit with her new baby (3 weeks old and precious!!!). i was telling colby and molly about her and who she was, etc, before she came over.
me: her name is ms jessi and she has a brand new baby.
colby: is it a boy baby or a girl baby?
me: i seem to remember daddy saying its a boy, but i could be wrong. it could be a girl.
molly: i think its a boy baby.
me: why do you think its a boy?
molly: because girls babies aren't very useful.
me: what?!? why aren't girl babies useful.
molly: we just don't know a lot of girl babies. all the babies we know are boys, so the girl ones aren't very useful to us. would seem 'useful' needs to be better explained to my 5 year old.
it would also seem that she doesn't truly feel that way, because that baby was indeed a girl, and i assure you, molly couldn't get enough of her.

this morning, we were working on school and we heard our birds chirping outside (the ones that make a nest every year above our front door and spend 4 months pooping on my porch). the kids got up and ran to the door to see what was going on.
colby: the mommy bird is looking for food
molly: no thats the daddy bird. the mommy is sitting on the nest.
colby: how do you know thats the mommy?
molly: because she has eyelashes.

then they got into quite a complicated discussion about eyelashes and eyebrows, and i don't even know. i stopped trying to keep up.
i did hear molly emphatically state that "eyebrows don't count!!"

seriously. where does she come up with this stuff?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

threesixfive, week 15

hello all! we had a great week.
i'll let the pictures do the talking.

happy resurrection day! the first pic is the obligatory "you have new outfits, please pose sweetly in them". the second was the highlight for our family on this day. colby was baptized by allen and my dad in front of our friends and family at church sunday morning! what a sweet celebration.

i went in to give molly a kiss before allen and i went to bed, and this is how i found her.

ok, so this was taken last weekend, but its the cutest picture i have of my new haircut, so this is the one i decided to share with you. I've had moments of 'oh no, what have i done?!?' but i really do like it.

mom took the kids and i to dinner before church tonight. molly arm wrestled grammie while they waited for the food.

I've been spending some quality time with these beauties lately. i'm doing my first 5K next saturday, and met a friend this evening to train. we did 3.15 miles in about 38 minutes. not too shabby.

my parents closest friends got together for a going away party. everyone played 5 rounds of 21 and the 3 people with the highest scores got to pick a prize. i was a loser. as far as the going away party; dad took a job at a new church up in rowlett (about 3 hours north) and will be leaving our church on may 6th after 17 years. its gonna be tough not having them here all the time. :-/

there was an event at the church for the kids this morning. colby worked hard to help his team win the tug o' war.

have a blessed weekend!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

threesixfive, week 14

i hope you had a blessed Resurrection Day with your family!
we had a fun and exciting week; lots of little extras going on.
i'll get right to pictures...

a methodist church about half an hour away did a thing called Journey to the Cross on sunday afternoon. its a guided tour through the important events in the life of Jesus. it was a cool way to head into Easter week.

i finally made something with my sewing machine!!! they're just tea towels, but still. yay me!

i confess to this picture not being taken tuesday, but i didn't have another one! my kids and their silly socks (this is what they wore to church wednesday night).

allen gave me tickets to Straight No Chaser for Christmas, and the concert was (finally) wednesday night!! they were so so good! we had a great time!

on of the girls that graduated out of our youth ministry several years ago bought her first house a couple weeks back, and invited us to come see it. she's very musical and molly loved this pink ukulele brittany had in her adorable new home.

allen and i had a wedding rehearsal to go to, but the dinner reservation was much later than we anticipated, so we left after the rehearsal and stopped at this food trailer in austin on the way home. delicious!

allen officiated a wedding at a beautiful country club in austin. the wedding was on the veranda overlooking the 18th hole on the golf course. i loved the colors this bride chose for her wedding. it was all gorgeous.

on a side note, this is the results (partly) of something else i did this weekend. :-) you're looking at roughly ten and a half inches of my hair, which i was able to donate to locks of love after my hairdresser chopped it off! i'll post a picture of the 'new do' with next weeks 365. i love it.

Monday, April 2, 2012

threesixfive, week 13

heres my week 13 entry a day late.
i had to take my new computer in for a data transfer on friday. i thought it would be a short 'out-patient surgery', so to speak, but i had to leave it for a couple days. had i known that, i would have planned better and not been without it over the weekend, keeping me from posting on time, but a day late is better than not at all i suppose.
the weather has been beautiful, and we spent quite a bit of time outside this week. i'm sure we'll try to soak up as much as we can before it gets so hot that we start melting if we stay out too long!!

we had a church wide picnic at the county park sunday afternoon. there was a great turnout, and the kids spent 3 hours sufficiently wearing themselves out in the heat.

my new favorite snack!! dear fresh mangos, where have you been all my life??

killing time in the car, waiting to drop colby off at art school.

i started reading this book saturday, and oh. my. goodness. its wonderful!! i highly recommend it, but a word of warning; prepare to be convicted to the core.

mollys reading very basic books, although she has no problem making up her own story if she can't sound out the words in the book she picks. she was "reading" to colby.

allen surprised me with a new computer when i got back from east texas a couple weeks ago. i looove it!! its so much faster than our old one. i took it in friday to have the data transferred onto it from our old hard drive, and had to leave it for the weekend. :-(

molly climbed up in this tree at the park to pose for a picture. she panicked when it was time to get down.

hope you're having a great week! we're going wednesday night to a Straight No Chaser concert. allen gave me tickets back at christmas, and its finally here! then we have a wedding this weekend, followed by Easter. hopefully that means some great pictures next week!! :-)