Saturday, December 29, 2012

threesixfive, week 52!!

happy almost new year!!!
i hope everyone had a very merry christmas! we spent christmas at my parents house in the dallas area. molly has been praying for a white christmas for about 2 months, and i can count on one hand the number of times i've seen real actual snow in my life (not sleet or ice, not that we get a whole lot of that either.....and none of it has ever been on christmas), BUT right before we turned into my parents neighborhood on christmas afternoon, lo and behold, SNOW!! big, white, fluffy, fabulous SNOW!! the kids were SOOOO excited. heck, we were all excited. my dad called and said, "get here quick! its snowing!" and i said, "i know we just turned into the neighborhood!" we didn't think it would stick, or snow enough to really be of any consequence. we were just happy to see any at all. to our surprise and delight it snowed hard for about 4 hours, and it was just starting to melt away when we left two days later. we made snow angels, had snowball fights, and built a snowmanturtle. 
a very white christmas, indeed.

allen and colby decided santa needed some bacon this year, but molly and i are traditionalists and thought cookies were more appropriate. we compromised, and i found a recipe for bacon-chocolate chip cookies. they were pretty good, and i think santa was more than happy with them.

our church did two christmas eve services, and we went to the early one (4pm) as did our friends the lamberts and barners. here are all our kiddos together. where are my sons shoes?!?

 lauren (due in february), april, and myself

putting the cookies and water (colby and molly decided it'd be a nice change after all the milk he has to drink) for santa.

merry christmas!!!!
my kids are kind of into legos.

snow, snow, beautiful snow! this is right after we got to their house. it isnt even sticking to the ground much yet.

a few hours later it was another story.....

we woke up the morning after christmas and had a snowball fight. well, i stayed back and took pictures.  getting pelted with freezing balls of ice? sounds fun!! no thank you.

there wasnt quite enough snow for a snowman in the kids' opinion, so they made a snow turtle instead. he was still hanging on when we left thursday to come home.

we took all our christmas decorations down, and i got my house put back together. i put new pictures in all the frames and changed a few things up. the white pitcher was my great grandmothers. its been on a shelf in my kitchen for awhile. i decided to pull it down and display it. allen got me the birdcage for christmas. isnt it pretty??

one of the girls in the youth group danced the halftime show at the UT basketball game, so we went to support her. even though we had great seats, we couldnt see her very well (she was facing the other way), so i didnt get a picture of it.

i think im taking over hosting the 365 project for those of you that participate. if you have no idea what i'm talking about, its this that youre reading right now! only this week i have a lot of extras. basically you take a picture every day, and post them once a week. its a great way to document life since it tends to get away from us sometimes; at least for me. i'd love to have some of my friends jump in on it!!
sara has been hosting it for 4 years now i think, but shes passing the torch. hopefully i'll figure out how to set up the link this week, and next saturday or sunday i'll start hosting for 2013!!


sara said...

yay!!! So glad you are going to host!!! send me your email (I can't find it) and I will give you the steps on how to create the link...very easy!!!!

I am glad you enjoyed the snow. We didn't get out in it because there was no way to warm up once you came inside...sad.

Happy New Year!!!

Kim said...

What a fun week! And talk about a memory-making snowfall :) Loved the snow turtle.

My kids loved Legos too, and we had a ton of them...used to make me nuts 'cause I was always stepping on stray pieces, but now wishing I'd had the forethought to hang on to some of them and bring them to Argentina. When people with kids visit us, I have nothing for them to play with :( So, here's my helpful hint for the year: keep some of your kids' toys even after they're grown! hahaha

So happy you're willing to host P365 this coming year! I won't be posting every single week, but plan to participate once or twice a month; however it works out.

Have a Happy New Year!

rita said...

The power of a child's prayer!
I don't know who was praying here, but the snow is still coming.
I forgot to mention the Christmas Eve service in my post. Other years we haven't been able to go. We were surprised to see the church full.
Never would have put bacon and chocolate together, but hey...
In Argentina, the children put out their shoes for gifts from the Magi and leave hay and water for the camels. They get gifts on 3 Kings Day, Jan 6, Epiphany.
Our kids have made a snow pig, a snow camel, but no turtle yet.
Thank you for your willingness to host us!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

A White Christmas, how fun. I think in all my 50 plus years I have experienced snow on Christmas once..that I can remember anyway!

Very glad you are taking over P365, have a wonderful New Years Eve!


The Bug said...

I love that turtle. It almost looks like a ladybug, which would mean that it's all about me :)

LOVE the clock over your mantle - so pretty!

We had snow at Christmas in NC about 2 or three years ago. It was so much fun watching it fall from inside my dad's house...

Glad you're hosting!