Saturday, February 9, 2013

project 365, week 6

our week was a little different coming off disciple now. i think we may have had our spring break this week, and will just power thru school the week everyone else has off here in another month or so.
we're had weird weather this week too. it was 84 degrees and beautiful on thursday. yesterday it was quite that warm, but still a great day for being outdoors. today its 55 degrees, and just drizzly enough to keep you indoors. hopefully the pretty weather will return. we loved being outside this week!

some of the DNOW small group leaders hung around sunday and took naps at our house before driving back to their respective college towns. we ended up going out to dinner and ice cream after. the guy at Amy's Ice Cream let us get behind the counter when we asked him to take our picture, under the condition that we each wear a hat.

i went to houston to get the kids from mimi and papa, where they spent DNOW weekend. i stayed the night, though, so that we could go to the zoo on tuesday.

i was trying to get  the kids to pose for a "sweet" picture. this is the best they could do.

we sold jake the snake. we're done with pets until the kids can take care of them themselves. we got him out to play one last time.

after a trip to the library, we went to the big park here in our city to ride scooters. what a beautiful day!!

after co-op we went to a nearby park with some friends. another great day to be outside.

molly and i had a baby shower to go to, so i took colby to the lamberts house to hang out with adler, tate, and uncle zach (allens out of town, and aunt april was going to the shower as well). when i got there, this is how i found colby and adler. adler just turned 5 and looks up to colby so much, and colby loves being that example to adler. we told them they're only allowed to sit like this for a little bit longer. then its just awkward. 

i posted a lot of pictures from our zoo trip a couple days ago. i got some fantastic close-ups of some of the animals, if youre interested in that kind of thing.  
have a great week!!
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Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

We had some cold days this week, but some almost spring like days too, weird weather. But nice for the children to get out in and play!

Great week!



Looked like a fun week.

The Bug said...

Love the hats - that's a fun picture. And I love the "sweet" picture - they'll like that one later when they're adults :)

Jake the Snake is GORGEOUS! And I'm not a snake person either...