Wednesday, February 6, 2013

a trip to the zoo

19 pictures!!! thats what youre about to look at if you proceed. the kids stayed in houston with mimi over the weekend so i could participate in disciple now at church. i headed to houston monday afternoon, stayed the night, and tuesday morning we got up and went to the zoo. the weather was perfect, and the animals were super active. it was the first time i really had a chance to play around with my new camera, and i got some great zoomed in animal shots im proud of. i figured rather than post a ridiculous amount of extra pictures with 365 this weekend, i'd give tuesday at the zoo its very own post. enjoy!

my sweet molly girl

i was trying to get a cute picture of them together. they just wanted to be silly.

more sillies.

were happy to have mimi go with us.

turtle sandwich!

"its eating my arm!!!"

playing the bongos in africa

i loved this chimp hiding under his blanket.

zoomed in a little closer.

this one kept making faces at us.

i think this was the 'grandpa'. he was unfazed by the whole thing. 

allens favorite. i always take a picture of the rhinos for him.

a ride on the carousel 

using my zoom. i love owls.

another great shot with my zoom.

for $5 we were able to feed the giraffes! pretty cool!

we couldnt touch them though. that was a bummer.

this one we could touch, but its just not the same. :-)

we had a great time. the houston zoo is fabulous if you ever have the chance to go!!
see you back here for P365 on saturday!!

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