Saturday, February 16, 2013

project365, week 7

we did pretty well with our school schedule this week, all things considered. we went to a childrens museum with some friends on tuesday, so the kids agreed to do double school on monday, and my parents came for a couple days, which is always a nice treat. 
here are the pictures.

the fence we share with one of our neighbors keeps blowing down in one spot, and their dog comes into our yard. colbys allergic to dogs and cats, so we dont have cuddly pets, but when we looked out our backdoor and see her cute-ugly face staring in at us, we had to go out and play with her for just a little bit. did i mention her name is sexy? i cant tell you how funny it is to hear both of my kids yelling "come here, sexy! over here, sexy!"

we did a few science experiments monday afternoon. one bowl is hot, the other is cold, and the one in the middle is room temp. if you hold one hand each in the hot and cold at the same time for about 3 minutes, then plunge them together into the room temp water, your brain cant tell what temp the water is. it was a pretty neat experiment.

david, colby, and molly playing dress up in the "nana's attic" section at the childrens museum.

i labeled, chopped, prepped, and bagged food for about 7 hours on wednesday. the result? 18 fresh, homemade crock-pot meals, ready to be thawed and cooked. most of the meals feed 6-8 people, so there'll be leftovers for lunches, too.

happy valentines! we had heart-shaped pizza, and made our own chocolate-covered fruit. this was our second year in a row to do that. it may be a tradition.

my mom and dad brought me a priefert backwoods bloodline shirt. its a hunting show on the sportsman channel. the three priefert brothers on the show are my cousins. the priefert ranch is where we went for thanksgiving, if any of you remember grandma on the rope swing. :-)

the flood plane/rain drainage area out next to our house is always a fun place to explore and play on a pretty day.

everyone have a great week!!! thanks for stopping by!
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Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

love the freezer bag idea. I used to be organized in my meal prep like that. Now I am bit more day by day...but then it is just the three of us so I can keep meals kind of small and quick and easy...


The Bug said...

Oh man I should do some of those dinners sometime. It's just the two of us, but sometimes we struggle with what to feed ourselves - ha! Because of that we LOVE leftovers.

That is absolutely hilarious that the dog's name is Sexy - so funny!

I might have to try that water experiment...

Lori said...

What a great experiment! I will definitely have to try that with my kids (and class)!


Great experiment. We eat a lot of leftovers here...there are only two of us and it is hard to cook for two.

Angie said...

The crockpot meals are a wonderful idea!

Love the dog's name. I'm not mentioning it to my hubs or he may name one of our many animals the same thing. :)

Can't wait to try that experiment. Don't know why we have done that one before!

Fun t-shirts too.