Saturday, February 2, 2013

project 365, week 5

we are in the thick of disciple now weekend at our church, along with 5 other churched in the area. i came home between mission project and dinner to post my blog take a shower. ;-)
really quickly before i get onto my pictures, i need to clear something up. i think the name of my blog must be confusing. a lot of ya'll think my name is fran. understandable mistake. i'm actually amy. my last name is frans, hence "the frans clan." just thought i'd throw that out there. its been a common occurrence with several people that follow the blog or participate in P365, but dont actually know me, so there you have it. :-) no worries.

ok, pictures!

the kids and i were at my parents last weekend, so we got to go to their church on sunday. i hadnt heard my dad lead worship in about 5 months, so it was great to have that opportunity. i even got to sing with the praise band, because his background vocalist got sick saturday night.

my sweet boy reading at bedtime.  ive always envied his eyelashes. they go on for miles. he doesnt get that from me, unfortunately.

allen is the speaker at a youth camp this summer, and the camp sent him a publicity poster in the mail to have. he's so handsome. :-)

disciple now kick-off was tonight at church. all the students found out what homes they'll be staying in, who their leaders are, etc. this is on the stage as part of the 'decor'.

ugh, im so mad. the picture i wanted to post accidentally got deleted (by me). tonight we celebrated colbys 1 year salvation birthday. we gave him a max lucado devotional book for kids, which i took his photo with, but its gone. forever. we also went and got dessert. colby wanted a smoothie, and i got a shot of wheatgrass juice; bleh. so good for you, though.

disciple now is under way!! we ended up with about 170 students signed up from our church, with a total of approximately 600 from all 6 churches combined, plus adults, leaders, etc. overall there are roughly 1,000 people involved in the event this weekend. pretty awesome.
this is the tshirt from the weekend. its....different.

on saturday afternoons, the groups scatter all over the round rock area and do service projects in the homes of those in need. this is dolores. we completed a very long list of tasks at her house that she's unable to do herself. she's precious lady, and we loved visting with her and hearing her story.

i really am about to take a shower, and then head to dinner at the home i'm helping, and then worship tonight with all the other groups. i hope you're having a great weekend, and enjoying the beautiful weather if you happen to be in this area. if you're not having beautiful weather where you are, i'll try to send some your way. :-)
be blessed!


The Cyber Hermit said...

I'm sorry the one picture is gone but your other picture of him is really nice :).

I like the look of the conference t-shirts. It reminds me of the seventies in a way. Wow, I'm old...

semperfi said...

Looked like a great week. I will miss you guys the next 4 post, but will be thinking of you in Africa. Talk to ya in March

rita said...

Sounds like you have a lot of good things happening at your church.
Happy one year God's family-birthday, Colby! (Know what you mean about losing a photo forever. :-( )
Thanks for hosting, Amy!

Kim said...

Glad you're all feeling better! Prayers for a wonderful, God-glorifying weekend with the youth!

The Bug said...

My brother got the long eyelashes in our family - & I must say he did NOT like them when it came time for him to try to put contacts in his eyes. I felt slightly vindicated. I know - I'm a bad sister!

Sounds like a fabulous & exhausting weekend for you guys!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

little ones always have such wonderful eyelashes. One of my favorite pictures of my granddaughter is of her in the bathtub, and her eyelashes are so long and beautiful....

if I had to pick between a smoothie and a shot of wheat grass....smoothie hands down. You are a better woman than me...never had wheat grass...



I hate your picture is gone. Looked like your week was a great one. I always wanted super long brother had amazing ones. Here is my link...just in case.